Dear Students:

It is very important for you to stay physically active during your Christmas vacation, so when we return we will not lose any ground. I have many activities planned for the second semester, as well as the President's Physical Fitness Challenge which is right around the corner. The following page has the dates of your vacation, an activity column, and a signature column. Please write down any fitness activities (Cardiovascular, Flexibility, or Strength) you practice during vacation and have an adult sign it. For example: sit-ups, push-ups, jogging, power walking, jumping rope, bike riding, stretching, sport practices, shoveling snow, roller skating, roller blading, tag games, sledding, etc. Cardiovascular exercises should last for 20 minutes or longer to be beneficial. If you use the lifeskill of responsibility by returning this sheet to me and you choose to exercise 8 days or more, you will get to sign your name on the bulletin board sign that says "I chose to be active during vacation". Staying active over vacation will benefit you physically and give you a great feeling of accomplishment. Have a great Holiday break and a safe New Year.

Happy Holidays,

Your Physical Education Teacher