Dear Parents,

"Fun, Fit & Go" is a program here at Renwood Elementary that is being started to promote fun, healthy young bodies, and a lifetime full of fitness. Its easy too! For every thirty minutes of activity your child is active in, he or she will earn one mile for his or her class team. Rewards for earning miles for each class will be, getting physically fit, getting healthy, extra physical education classes and free exercise days. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the rewards they will receive for exercising. Increased confidence, self-esteem and this could put them on the road to a lifetime of fitness.

This is not just for your children! This is for you as well. For every activity you or a family member (outside of this school) does with your son or daughter, adds an extra mile for them. For example, Sally goes and jogs for thirty minutes with her brother. Sally just earned a mile for jogging for a half an hour and an extra mile for getting her brother (whom does not attend the same school) to jog with her. So she earns two miles, just for trying to become healthy . Remember your child earns extra miles if YOU or another family member participates with them. All that is required is that you, the parents, look over the sheet, make sure the information is correct and sign it. A "Fun Fit & Go" activity tracking sheet is attached.

"Fun, Fit & Go" is only possible if we do this together. I sincerely believe this will benefit our children and ourselves if we do get out there and get fit. Have FUN, get FIT and GO have a healthy time. Together we can make ourselves healthier and stronger for a FUN, FIT & HEALTHY LIFE.

Any questions or comments please contact Mr. Bentley at _______________.