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The Culprit and The Cure: Why Lifestyle Is The Culprit Behind Americas Poor Health
Dr. Steven Aldana / Hardcover / Published May 2005

Dr. Steven Aldana recently published The Culprit and The Cure, the most up-to-date book on why and how to be active and eat healthy. This book is not a book for kids. Its goal is to convince adults that physical activity and good nutrition are vital to the short and long-term health of our children and nation.

As schools face mounting pressure to cut physical education classes and requirements or eliminate recess, this book gives PE teachers the proof they need to convince principals, PTA's, parents, school health nurses, and legislators that PE and good nutrition will determine the future health of not just the kids, but our entire nation.

PE teaches can use this book to:

  • Understand how overweight and obese children are products of their environment. (Blame the parents and food marketing, not the kids)
  • Learn how the chronic diseases that kill most adults start during childhood
  • See how regular physical activity changes the body and helps prevent chronic diseases and improves quality of life
  • See how some schools are contributing to the poor health of our children, and they may not even know it
  • Learn how you, other teachers, and parents can get involved in improving the health of children and adults
  • Improve your own health by beginning and maintaining a lifestyle that includes regular exercise and good nutrition

Dr. Troy Adams at Arizona State University says: "This book is a clear beacon of simple and understandable truth in a sea of commercially motivated hype. Every person who works with children should read and distribute this book."

In an entertaining, easy to understand, and convincing manner, The Culprit and the Cure presents the evidence, makes recommendations, and provides strategies to help even the least disciplined among us achieve a better quality of life. Once you see this information transform you own lives, you will want to share it with those they really care about, especially those who control the fate of physical education.

Aldana The cure/culprit

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