Volleyball Assessment

Date: ______________ Class: ______________
Player's Name: ________________________ Rater's Name: ________________________


Knees bent platform out, hips and shoulders to the target, walks the ball up to the target. Ball played off forearms.



Uses finger pads to set the ball, bends knees, elbows bend as the ball comes in and extend as the ball leaves, thumbs are facing the eyebrows before contact, shoulders face the target, ball goes up not out in a straight line, ball goes to the spiker (unless it is the third hit)



Uses the three-step approach, jumps, reaches high for the ball, snaps wrist on follow through, hits ball in the court, does not touch the net.



Steps with the opposite foot from the serving hand, tosses the ball in the air, contacts the ball above the height of the head and slightly out in front of the body, hits with an open hand, follows through, hits the ball into the court



Anticipates where the ball is going and moves to the ball when to hit it, is ready to make the next play.



Plays own position, sets it up for others to hit, and encourages others.



Plays by all rules, acknowledges good plays by the opponent, and encourages teammates to do their best.


Game Knowledge:

Knows the rules, knows how to keep score, knows the score, can tell a legal hit from and illegal hit, knows the boundaries, knows when to use each skill.


Rate the person assigned according to the following rubric (scoring criteria)

(Level 1) Backyard Volleyball Player: can not perform the skill correctly at all.

(Level 2) Physical Education Class Player: performs the skill inconsistently and awkwardly.

(Level 3) Recreational League Player: performs the skill correctly most of the time, but has trouble under pressure.

(Level 4) Tournament Player: performs the skill correctly all of the time; it is a habit to this person.

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