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Name of App:


Recommended Grade Level:

High School





Device Used On:

MAC, iPad, iPhone

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Primary Use:

iMuscle is a great app to use when you are exploring the various muscles you use when moving and exercising. Within K-12, iMuscle can be used in middle and high school to provide a good progression.

What does iMuscle do?
- You can search and identify body parts, muscles, and exercises
- You can view body parts, muscles, and exercises in 3D animations
- You can create workouts and track your progress (both for muscular strength & endurance)
- You can modify workouts and send them to teachers

How App is used in classroom/gym:

Middle School:
- If you only have a few ipads, you can have the ipad set up with one station to begin the process.
- Do various exercises and students locate the exercise and identify the muscles used
- Once students know the muscle used, they can find other exercises that use the same muscles
- Students try out the various exercises and track their progress.

Using iMuscle
- This app works best when used in a fitness room with equipment but there are also exercises with fitness balls and without fitness equipment.
- Allowing students to work with the app will provide students with choices: One activity you can do is to provide students with 5 muscles and students design their own workout by picking the activities they like to do.
- The goal for middle school fitness is that students become familiar with muscles and exercises that help strengthen these muscles.

High School:
- Students can use the app to design their muscular strength and endurance plan
- Pre-test muscular fitness levels
- Students set SMART goals
- They can create a 6 week plan for example using the FITT and training principles
- They should create a plan and try it out for several weeks as to experience progression and overload.
- Following several weeks of being on the plan, students should evaluate the plan and adjust accordingly
- At the end of the semester, students should post test muscular fitness levels
- Finally, students reflect on the process, their own fitness level (maintenance or improvement), and the next steps for them as they leave high school PE.
- Have students set a new plan using their own resources from within their own community.

Submitted by Helena Baert in Cortland, NY.   Thanks for contributing to PE Central!   Posted on PEC: 6/10/2013 2:04:20 PM.   Viewed 9727 times since 6/10/2013.

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You can work in groups first and later individually. While there is a cost to the app, it is well worth it!