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Jump Rope Tricktionary

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Name of App:

Jump Rope Tricktionary

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Android, PC, iPhone

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Primary Use:

The Tricktionary is a video dictionary of over 150 jump rope skills starting from the very basics up to world class tricks. It organizes skills by level and type and allows users to track progress. Jump rope is one of the best activities for cross training, but it is also a fun and intricate sport in itself. Whether you're trying to become the next world champion, or trying to add some more skills to your workout routine, I hope this app can help you!

How App is used in classroom/gym:

I am the creator of the app so my use is mostly in teaching other competitive jump ropers, or other students. My team and I have traveled the world teaching workshops and camps, and this app is a great supplement to our in-person instruction.

The app would also be perfect for any PE instructors participating in the Jump Rope For Heart program. Students now have access to nearly every common jump rope trick and can have much more fun trying new skills.

Submitted by Dylan Plummer in Cincinnati, Ohio.   Thanks for contributing to PE Central!   Posted on PEC: 11/5/2017 9:11:54 AM.   Viewed 1158 times since 11/5/2017.

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Currently there is no official iOS app, but if iPhone users wish to install the Web app on their phones, simply visit: then from the Safari page settings you can add it to your homescreen and it will function just like any of your other apps.