Adapted Physical Education

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L E A R N I N G  D I S A B I L I T I E S

Major Concern #1


Children with learning disabilities may have difficulties with language written or spoken.




Find out what is the best way for your child to learn new skills or games. He may benefit from a demonstration or a picture. Many children struggle with verbal directions when they are learning a new skill. Also breaking skills down to meaningful parts may help the child learn a complex movement.


Major Concern #2


General movement problems or clumsiness is a problem for some children with learning disabilities.




There are many activities such as jumping rope and moving through obstacle courses that can help children learn basic body awareness and rhythm. Start at a young age and using a large hula hoop is one way to help a child learn to jump rope. Jumping rope is used by even elite athletes to develop rhythm and coordination. This can be done at home and with little space.