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Name of Activity:

Basketball Scramble!

Purpose of Activity:

To review various basketball and fitness skills by participating in a fun basketball warm-up.


I use this in my 3rd lesson of basketball so students should have knowledge of basketball skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting foul shots and lay-ups, defensive slide and fitness activities such as sit-up toss and catch, push-ups and inchworm push-ups, plank jumping jacks, sit and reach stretch, wall-sits,lunges,and super hero stretch.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

One basketball (or any ball they want to dribble) per 2 students, 30 or more basketball cards (I made these with orange poster board-just round circles and drew the seams of the basketball on one side and wrote the skills on the other side.)

Description of Idea

Before class the teacher divides students into partner groups and if uneven a group of 3. The cards are placed face down in the middle of the gym. The students each have one ball per partners and begin anywhere beside their partner outside the boundary line on perimeter of the gym. On the go signal the first partner dribbles to the middle, picks up a card and dribbles back to their partner. They both do the skill on the card - if it is a fitness skill they can both do simultaneously, a ball one they will take turns. When they are both finished the second partner dribbles the ball and takes the card back to the middle and places face down. They pick another card and etc. I have the students do the activity for 5-6 minutes and play music.

These are some examples of the skills I use. You can design your own based on your curriculum and your students' needs. The possibilities are endless!

Dribbling around your body while standing, dribbling around body while sitting, dribbling from standing to laying to standing, dribbling between your legs, speed dribble to endline and back with dominant and then non-dominant hand, dribbling figure eights, dribble around your partner, chest pass, bounce pass, overhead pass, spiders, twisters-(ball goes once around your head, around your waist and around ankles and back up with waist and head), rolling figure eights, in the air figure eights, bounce and catch between legs, toss and catch between legs, toss and catch ball behind back, foul shots, right lay-ups, left lay-ups ,flicks, pretend to be an NBA player (use any name)- slam dunking the ball (just dribble and pretend),squats holding the ball, crunches with a twist while holding the ball, side bends with the ball, push-ups, ball toss sit-ups with partner, stair steppers-(I have stage steps in my gym), name of your school jumping jacks-C-R-E-S-T-V-I-E-W, High 5 your partner, high 10 your partner, wall sit while holding the ball in front of you, elbow to knee/ball touches, sprint around your partner from 20 feet away, inside/outside jumping jacks, sit and reach stretch with ball in front of you, defensive slide step race the width of the gym with your partner, vertical jumps with both hands to get a pretend rebound, lunges while holding the ball in front, plank hold, inchworm push-ups and superhero stretch. I also put numbers on each one like 3 foul shots, 10 second wall-sit, etc.

Example of my basketball card

Teaching Suggestions:

I use adaptations for push-ups such as modified push-ups if I deem that necessary for some children. I also encourage them if they have a difficult time dribbling to just slow down and go at a slower pace while still trying to dribble with one hand.

Submitted by Bonnie Rodgers who teaches at Crestview Elementary in Carlisle, PA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/15/2020.
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Basketball Scramble!

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Love this idea! Really great way to get kids working together. I love that it also incorporates some reading and communication skills.

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