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Name of Activity:

Burst the Bubble

Purpose of Activity:

To reinforce proper overhand and underhand throwing skills.

Activity cues:

OVERHAND THROW: •Point non-throwing side/shoulder to the target. •Throwing arm way back behind head. •Step with opposite foot towards target. •Follow through by letting throwing arm come across the opposite side of the body. UNDERHAND THROW: •Face target. •Step with opposite foot from throwing arm. •Arm goes back like a grandfather clock. •Arm swings forward and releases ball.


Proper form for throwing overhand and underhand.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

10-15 hula hoops, yarn balls (1 for each student), polyspots (1 for each student), throwing rubric Overhand and Underhand Throwing Rubric

Description of Idea

Polyspots are used to make a large square. Hula hoops are scattered inside the square and represent bubbles.

* Each student stands on one polyspot.
* The object of the activity is to overhand throw the ball and try to “burst” the bubble. (If a ball is thrown and lands in the bubble, it bursts.)
* The teacher picks up all the bubbles that burst to make the activity more challenging -- before signaling for students to WALK towards a ball. (For safety reasons, students should walk to the ball nearest them.)
* Once students have a ball they find a new polyspot to stand on.
* Repeat the activity until there are only a few hoops left to burst.
* Repeat activity for the underhand throw.

Assessment Ideas:

Two attached throwing rubrics.

Submitted by Debbie Lavner who teaches at Leighton Elementary School in Oswego, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/31/2011.
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Burst the Bubble

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Previous Comments:

dan green

Here are my modifications to this nice activity...For throwing, I propped up on the wall a hula per kid around the perimeter of my gym. I placed the same amount of polyspots with yarn balls/foam tennis balls on top within the perimeter, and at a reasonable throwing distance. I added practicing locomotor skills to the activity. I had them skip (changed styles after each attempt) around until the music stopped and then they went to a spot once the music stopped, and they picked up the ball and posed in the proper throwing style. I then talked out the cues and then they threw the ball. All hoops that had a ball go threw were considered "burst", and the kids would then lay them down. They retrieved the balls, then placed them back on spots and then galloped when the music starting playing. I did this until all bubbles were burst. Of course once most hoops were down, the distance for many was great and the angles more difficult, but they still had a blast trying to make that tough throw. The same concept can be done for underhand tossing, either having the hoops propped against the wall or laying flat. I might use bean bags if tossing at a hoop laying flat on the floor?

Sammi Ruedy

Love the assessment-my clinical placement is with a mixed group of K-2 students so this will work great!

Joshua Guthrie

Great Idea!

I can't wait to try it.

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