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1/19/2021 Physical Literacy Physical Education Makes Your Heart Race K-5
6/22/2020 Mindfulness Active Bodies, Loving Hearts, Thoughtful Minds All
2/18/2020 Fitness Neon Skill Related Fitness 3-5
2/13/2020 Holiday-Halloween Stay Safe at Halloween All
12/16/2019 Skeletal/Bones Body Positivity and Recognition K-2
12/10/2019 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Build Physical Activity Into Your Winter 3-5
10/24/2019 Physical Education Fall Fitness All
10/24/2019 Bullying Gossip is Like Glitter All
10/15/2019 Sportsmanship Sportsmanship Is... 3-5
10/9/2019 Health Harvest Healthy Habits All
9/17/2019 Sportsmanship We Stick Together in PE K-2
9/16/2019 Advocating for PE/Health Hakuna Matata (Lion King Board) K-8
9/12/2019 PE/Health Vocabulary Welcome Back Opening Units-Football and Volleyball 6-8
9/3/2019 Beginning of School To PE and Beyond 3-5
9/3/2019 Character Education The Power of YET: growth mindset K-2
8/20/2019 Wellness Be You! 3-5
8/20/2019 Beginning of School "Otter"ly Healthy and Successful School Year 3-5
5/10/2019 Integration Autism Awareness All
4/24/2019 Fitness I Want You To Be Fit 3-5
4/23/2019 Gymnastics Rolling Things All
4/2/2019 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) How Will YOUR Healthy Heart Grow 3-5
4/2/2019 Health The Zone 3-5
4/2/2019 Skill Themes Start Jumping Hearts Pumping with Super Mario Bros 3-5
3/25/2019 Instructional March Madness Basketball History Bulletin Board 6-8
3/7/2019 Jump Rope for Heart Choose To Be Heart Healthy All
3/5/2019 Character Education Staying On The Right Track In PE 3-5
2/22/2019 Dance Learn About Dance with Friends from Sesame Street K-2
2/20/2019 Motivation Winter Get Up, Get Out and Move K-2
2/15/2019 Advocating for PE/Health Dem Bones All
2/5/2019 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Winter is SNOW much Fun! 3-5
2/5/2019 Motivation Mileage Club Heroes Go the Distance 3-5
1/30/2019 Character Education 12 Days of Kindness 3-5
1/29/2019 Holiday-New Year's Kick Off the New Year with a Goal All
1/22/2019 Health What IT Takes For a Pokémon to Succeed in the Gym 3-5
1/4/2019 Physical Activities We Like to Move it, move it K-2
12/6/2018 Fitness Stay FITT This Winter 3-5
11/19/2018 Family Fitness Are you #fitwithfamily All
11/19/2018 Multicultural Champions in Life 6-8
11/19/2018 Holiday-Halloween Frightening Health Numbers All
11/9/2018 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Tis the Season to be Healthy 3-5
10/30/2018 Holiday-Halloween Witch is your favorite sport? All
10/26/2018 Character Education Be Somebody 6-8
10/19/2018 Beginning of School Learning is Our Game Plan All
10/3/2018 Multicultural Where Do Games Come From? 3-5
10/1/2018 Character Education Leader in Me "I Can" Statements 3-5
10/1/2018 Student Behavior Which Emoji Are You Today? 3-5
10/1/2018 Fitness Just Keep Jogging Dory! 3-5
9/18/2018 Physical Activities How do you get your 20 minutes (of exercise) a day All
9/15/2018 Beginning of School Ready to be Amazing K-2
9/12/2018 Adapted Adapted PE All
9/5/2018 Goal Setting Dream...then Do! All
8/28/2018 Beginning of School Welcome to an EXTRAORDINARY Year K-2
8/22/2018 Health The Super Hero in Me 3-5
8/21/2018 Character Education In this Gym Character Counts! 3-5
8/19/2018 Goal Setting Stay Ahead of the Game: Plan Your Next Move All
8/19/2018 Class Management Play Like a CHAMPION Every Day! 6-8
8/13/2018 Fitness Fish for Fitness 3-5
6/17/2018 Nutrition Hungry Hungry Hippos All
5/29/2018 Summer Summer Muscle Bucket List 3-5
5/29/2018 Field Day Field Day is Awesome All
5/23/2018 Health Melanoma Awareness K-5
5/21/2018 Field Day We're Pumped for Field Day! K-2
5/15/2018 Roller Skating Roller Skating Skills 3-5
5/15/2018 Nutrition Healthy Hero Pup! K-2
5/10/2018 Rules We Were on a Break! Revisiting Rules! K-5
5/10/2018 Archery A Unit in Precision 6-12
5/10/2018 Safety Summer safety k-5
4/21/2018 Safety Summertime Safety 3-5
4/20/2018 Motivation Superhero Mindset 3-5
4/19/2018 Common Core in PE Academics in Physical Education (Math, English, Sc 3-5
4/16/2018 Motivation It's Time! for 60 Minutes Per Day 3-5
4/16/2018 Nutrition What Color Is Your Plate? K-2
4/9/2018 Nutrition Eat the Rainbow K-5
4/9/2018 Wellness April is National Stress Awareness Month 6-12
4/9/2018 Sport Seasons Spring Fever? PE has the Cure! 9-12
4/5/2018 Promoting PE Reaching New Heights in Physical Education K-2
3/14/2018 Olympics Decide. Commit. Succeed. All
3/13/2018 Nutrition How Much Added Sugar are You Drinking? 3-5
3/13/2018 Health Healthy Bodies Under Construction 3-5
3/13/2018 Cooperation Cooperation in PE K-2
2/16/2018 Gymnastics PE is SNOW Much Fun K-5
2/14/2018 Holiday-Valentine's Day Building A Healthy Heart (Valentine's Day) All
2/12/2018 Olympics 2018 Winter Olympics All
2/11/2018 Health Spin Your Way to Good Health 3-5
2/8/2018 Fundraisers Box Tops Valentines All
2/8/2018 Olympics Winter Olympics 2018 3-5
2/2/2018 Motivation "Spare" some Praise 3-5
2/2/2018 Health share the love not the bug k-5
2/2/2018 Goal Setting Physical Education Goals K-2
2/2/2018 Fitness Assessments What it Takes, To Get In The Zone 4-12
1/31/2018 Instructional I Can Statements in PE All
1/16/2018 Sportsmanship Get "Caught" Being a Good Sport 3-5
1/16/2018 About the Body Odd Facts About the Body PRE-K
1/15/2018 About the Heart Your Heart Loves to Be Active 9-12
1/2/2018 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) PE is SNOW Much Fun K-2
12/18/2017 Nutrition Traffic Light Nutrition K-5
12/11/2017 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Have A Ball This Holiday Season K-2
12/10/2017 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Jolly Volley Christmas k-5
12/10/2017 Integration Verbs-They're What You Do 3-5
12/10/2017 Holiday-Christmas/Winter How the Grinch Stole the Basketballs k-5
12/6/2017 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Its No Secret! PE is COOL K-2
12/6/2017 Motivation Trolls 3-5
12/6/2017 Nutrition Eat This Not That 6-8
12/6/2017 Goal Setting New Year Health Goal 3-5
12/6/2017 Promoting PE Dr. Seuss PE Inspiration All
11/17/2017 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Elf Healthy Habits All
11/17/2017 Holiday-Thanksgiving What's on Your Plate this Thanksgiving? 3-8
11/17/2017 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Oh Fitness Tree 3-5
11/17/2017 Health Healthy Bodies Under Construction k-5
11/17/2017 Skeletal/Bones Dem Bones 3-8
11/17/2017 Advocating for PE/Health I Spy Treasures in PE k-2
11/17/2017 Health Minions Shoo the Flu K-2
11/16/2017 Character Education The Power of YET All
11/13/2017 Fitness Assessments Record Breakers 3-5
11/13/2017 Beginning of School Emoji Power k-5
11/13/2017 Bullying Don't Stand By All
11/12/2017 Yoga Live, Love, Yoga 9-12
11/12/2017 Fitness A Minion Ways To Exercise 3-5
11/12/2017 Flexibility How to Increase Range of Motion 9-12
11/12/2017 Skeletal/Bones Bones with Tom Jr 3-5
11/12/2017 Holiday-Halloween Sweets & Treats 3-5
11/12/2017 Jump Rope for Heart Heart 3-5
11/2/2017 Common Core in PE Math is Everywhere in PE 3-5
11/2/2017 Health Make Time For Good Health K-2
11/2/2017 Safety Be Aware, Be Safe : Move Safely in Gym All
11/2/2017 Instructional P.E. is Physical Education and... All
10/17/2017 Behavior Incentives Race To 30 k-5
10/17/2017 Holiday-Halloween Beware of Scary Amounts of Sugar 3-8
10/17/2017 Health three dimensional health board k-5
10/17/2017 Holiday-Christmas/Winter PE is "SNOW" much fun! K-2
10/5/2017 Holiday-Halloween Don't Be a Rotten Pumpkin - Brush Your Teeth K-5
10/3/2017 Motivation Don't Run Away from Challenges, Run Over Them All
10/3/2017 Health Everyone Has a Healthy Superhero K-5
10/3/2017 Sport Skills Achieving our GOALS in Physical Education-Soccer S 3-5
10/3/2017 Holiday-Halloween Halloween Safety Tips 3-5
10/3/2017 Nutrition Think before you drink 3-5
9/20/2017 Technology PE Skills Learning on the Run 9-12
9/20/2017 Advocating for PE/Health Physical Education Makes Everyone a Superhero k-2
9/20/2017 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Exercise makes you Bright k-5
9/20/2017 Beginning of School Let's Hit this year out of the park k-5
9/20/2017 End of School Year Don't Just Fidget Around...Exercise! k-5
9/20/2017 Beginning of School Roll Into School k-5
9/20/2017 Motivation Be Wise...Exercise! k-5
9/8/2017 Character Education BE A GAME CHANGER 3-12
9/8/2017 Fitness Where FITNESS Happens k-2
9/8/2017 Beginning of School Here we grow again! Welcome to PE adise. All
9/8/2017 About the Body Sweating is Great 6-12
9/8/2017 Advocating for PE/Health There is Always Time to Be Healthy k-5
8/30/2017 Physical Education PE SUPER POWERS k-2
8/30/2017 Running/Walking Clubs Walking Club Mileage Map K-8
8/30/2017 Student Work PE Is Cool! K-2
8/30/2017 Character Education We Can! k-5
8/30/2017 PE/Health Vocabulary P.E. does a body good. k-2
8/21/2017 Fitness Exercise Makes Me Feel... 3-5
8/19/2017 Beginning of School The Magic of Physical Education All
8/17/2017 Beginning of School Entrance to PE Room PE Rocks Poster All
8/16/2017 Beginning of School PEradise K-8
8/15/2017 Beginning of School Success in the Standards 3-5
8/15/2017 Adapted Adapted Physical Education PreK
8/15/2017 Beginning of School Welcome Back - Crossword Wall 3-5
8/9/2017 Health Be "Fin"tastic 3-5
8/7/2017 Beginning of School This Year In Physical Education All
8/7/2017 Beginning of School The Road to Success - "Cars" Theme K-2
8/6/2017 Beginning of School Happy to be in Physical Education K-2
8/5/2017 Rules Gym Expectations/Rules 6-8
8/1/2017 Beginning of School We Missed You (Back to School Board) All
8/1/2017 Health How You Are Feeling Tips 3-5
7/31/2017 Motivation When life Throws a Curve Ball 6-8
6/17/2017 Mindfulness Mindfulness/Positive Affirmations All
6/17/2017 Awards/Hall of Fame Growth Mindset 3-5
6/17/2017 Health Color Me Healthy K-2
6/12/2017 Character Education "I Am" 3-5
6/12/2017 End of School Year You're Welcome! (Moana & Maui Theme) All
6/12/2017 Field Day Super Hero Field Day All
6/12/2017 Summer How are you staying active this summer? 6-8
5/8/2017 Jump Rope for Heart Jump Rope for Heart k-5
5/8/2017 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Get the Penguins Moving! K-2
5/7/2017 Health Healthy Habits k-5
4/21/2017 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Fitness Tree 3-5
4/21/2017 Fitness Assessments Finding Fitness Tests (Finding Dory Theme) All
4/21/2017 Fitness Go Outside and Play All
4/6/2017 About the Heart Elevate your heart rate 3-5
4/4/2017 Sport Seasons Spring into Sports k-2
4/4/2017 Awards/Hall of Fame PE student of the week k-5
4/4/2017 Physical Education 8 minion ways K-2
4/1/2017 Holiday-St. Patrick's Day "Irish" You Healthy Habits K-2
4/1/2017 Sports Hockey 3-5
4/1/2017 Jump Rope for Heart Gym Class Heroes k-5
4/1/2017 Health DAB (Duck And Bury) All
4/1/2017 Holiday-St. Patrick's Day 10000 steps a day PRE-K
3/29/2017 Field Day Field Day is Coming K-5
3/29/2017 Field Day Field Day T-Shirts and Pods 4-8
3/3/2017 Physical Activities Get MOOving This March k-2
2/28/2017 Character Education How to "bee" in PE... K-2
2/28/2017 Holiday-Easter Eggciting PE K-2
2/28/2017 Sportsmanship Team (Together Everyone Achives More) k-2
2/7/2017 Jump Rope for Heart National Heart Month k-5
2/2/2017 Jump Rope for Heart Do your part, Save a heart All
2/2/2017 Promoting PE Minion reasons to love PE K-2
2/2/2017 Health Be KIND To Your Body k-2
2/2/2017 About the Heart DAILY ACTIVITY = HEALTHY HEART k-5
2/2/2017 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Give the Gifts of Health All
2/2/2017 Special Events Who Will Win The Super Bowl? 3-5
1/19/2017 Motivation I Can..... All
1/18/2017 Jump Rope for Heart Hoops For Heart All
1/18/2017 Fitness How healthy is your selfie? 3-12
1/9/2017 Jump Rope for Heart Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser 3-5
1/9/2017 Nutrition Eye Spy With My Little Eye K-2
1/9/2017 Fitness Max-The Heart Health Pyramid Snowman All
1/9/2017 Holiday-New Year's Wishing you a FRUITFUL New Year 3-5
1/9/2017 Holiday-New Year's "Toad" ally Awesome New Years Fitness Goals 3-5
12/20/2016 Skill Themes Get Your Crab Claw Cues into PE 3-5
12/20/2016 Motivation Walking/Jogging Motivational Board--Jumping Hurdle 3-5
12/16/2016 Promoting PE Trending Now in PE All
11/17/2016 Nutrition Gobble Up Good Nutrition K-5
11/17/2016 Holiday-Thanksgiving Gobble Up Fitness 3-5
11/17/2016 Holiday-Thanksgiving Wellness Turkey K-2
11/11/2016 Holiday-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving- Fit and Full of Thanks All
11/5/2016 Special Events Let Me Win All
11/5/2016 Nutrition What's on your plate? All
11/4/2016 Outdoor Sports Cross Country Skiing 6-8
11/2/2016 Holiday-Thanksgiving November "My Plate" - Don't Be a Turkey K-5
10/31/2016 Drug Awareness YOLO - Red Ribbon Week All
10/31/2016 Skeletal/Bones The Skeletal System 3-8
10/31/2016 PE/Health Vocabulary Flag Football Word Wall 3-8
10/31/2016 Class Management What are we doing today? k-5
10/31/2016 Nutrition Give Junk Food the Boot - Eat More Fruit! K-2
10/31/2016 Physical Activities "Now Learning At A School Near You..." 3-5
10/28/2016 Motivation Shoe/Sneaker Tying Club K-2
10/20/2016 Beginning of School Habits of a Champion All
10/20/2016 Safety I can choose to be safe! K-2
10/19/2016 Health What makes a healthy heart? K-2
10/17/2016 Motivation Why exercise? 3-5
10/11/2016 Fitness Fall Into Fitness 3-5
9/29/2016 Beginning of School Lets Catch Them All 3-5
9/29/2016 Beginning of School Staff Fitness "It is a Journey not a Destination" All
9/27/2016 Motivation Gold Medal Perfomers 3-5
9/27/2016 Motivation Those at the Top of the Mountain Didn't Fall All
9/26/2016 Physical Activities Try my Sport k-2
9/22/2016 Health Go for the Gold in PE / Olympian Health & Hygiene 3-5
9/19/2016 Character Education How To Be A Superhero In P.E. 3-5
9/19/2016 Character Education The Race for Excellence has No Finish Line 3-5
9/10/2016 Behavior Incentives Up and Away to a Superhero Day 3-5
9/10/2016 Beginning of School PE-More than fun and games-Scrabble All
9/5/2016 Olympics Have a Gold Medal Year All
9/5/2016 Beginning of School Getting to Know [the physical education teachers] k-2
9/5/2016 Jump Rope for Heart Jump Rope For Heart Donation Information k-5
9/5/2016 Physical Activities Be Wise - Exercise k-2
9/5/2016 Health HOP TO IT K-2
9/5/2016 Nutrition PE Council – Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Survey All
9/5/2016 Olympics How to Achieve Success 6-12
9/2/2016 Health Hydration is So Important 3-5
9/1/2016 Fitness Pokemon on the GO 3-5
9/1/2016 Beginning of School Attitude is the Mind's Paintbrush All
9/1/2016 Olympics Let the Learning Begin/Gold Medal Year All
9/1/2016 Rules I CHOOSE YOU (Rules of PE) All
9/1/2016 Goal Setting Start the Year off S.M.A.R.T 6-8
9/1/2016 Physical Education What is PE? and the Skills that We Work On! K-5
8/25/2016 Beginning of School Kickin' Off a New Year in PE with Mr. T! All
8/25/2016 Parents Parent PE Communication, Motivation and Assessment All
8/25/2016 Motivation Just keep swimming 3-5
8/25/2016 Health Just Do It All
8/17/2016 Closure Go for the Gold - Self Assessment Olympics Rubric All
8/15/2016 Beginning of School I Hope You Like...Dr. Seuss K-2
8/10/2016 Beginning of School Here's to a Gold Medal Year K-5
8/10/2016 Beginning of School Back to School and Ready to Grow K-2
8/10/2016 Beginning of School Get Pinned to Living a Healthy Active Lifestyle All
8/10/2016 Health Best Choices = Best Life All
8/10/2016 Beginning of School How I Exercised Over the Summer Bulletin Board K-2
8/9/2016 Motivation Olympic hopeful 3-5
8/9/2016 Physical Education PE gives you super powers! 6-8
8/4/2016 Class Management Olympics, Go for the Gold 3-5
8/4/2016 Advocating for PE/Health PE Gives You Super-Powers! 6-8
8/3/2016 Beginning of School Olympics All
7/29/2016 Beginning of School PE Expectations-Just Keep Moving Dory All
7/29/2016 Health Pokemon Healthy Habits All
7/29/2016 Health Tigger the Tiger Says to Drink More Water K-2
7/29/2016 Health Healthy Habits All
7/6/2016 Other Silvia Family Hometown Hero's All
7/6/2016 Integration Science and Physical Education All
7/6/2016 Behavior Incentives Are you a P.E. Warrior? 3-5
6/30/2016 Health Awareness Wednesday All
6/8/2016 Student Work Student Self-Evaluation K-2
6/8/2016 Pedometers How Far Can We Travel? All
5/31/2016 Playgrounds Peaceful Playground k-5
5/31/2016 Physical Activities Be Active Your Way... k-5
5/24/2016 Leadership Wall of Fame 3-12
5/12/2016 Holiday-Christmas/Winter How the Grinch Stole Fitness All
5/12/2016 Summer R U Ready for Summer? k-12
5/11/2016 Adventure Education Great Tennessee River Race 3-5
5/11/2016 Fitness Get on the Fitness Train All
5/11/2016 Holiday-Thanksgiving Gobble up some Football All
5/11/2016 Holiday-Halloween What's Brewing in Physical Education All
5/11/2016 Cooperation Physical Education Skills In the Real World 3-5
5/11/2016 Promoting PE A Minion Reasons to Love Physical Education 3-5
5/10/2016 Swimming Water Safety k-2
5/5/2016 Beginning of School WILD about P.E. All
5/5/2016 Character Education Always Stay Humble & Kind All
5/5/2016 Field Day Splat-A-Thon 3-5
5/5/2016 Physical Activities How do you raise your heart rate? All
5/3/2016 End of School Year We've grown so much this year in PE! K-2
4/28/2016 Nutrition What's On Your Plate? K-3
4/27/2016 Motivation Picture Yourself Happy and Healthy in PE K-12
4/21/2016 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Spring Into Action K-2
4/21/2016 PE/Health Vocabulary Let's Have a Ball With PE Words All
4/19/2016 PE/Health Vocabulary Aerobic/Anaerobic 6-8
4/15/2016 Jump Rope for Heart Hoops 4 Heart 3-12
4/15/2016 Brain Research Working your way to an A 9-12
4/15/2016 Pedometers Ready, Set, Go! 3-5
4/10/2016 Olympics 2016 Rio Olympics 3-5
4/7/2016 Character Education Words to Help Me Stay Motivated 3-5
4/4/2016 Olympics The Road to Rio All
4/4/2016 Sports Get up! Go out! Go play! K-2
3/23/2016 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Busy Bees in PE K-2
3/23/2016 Cooperation Our Winter Giving Tree K-2
3/23/2016 Motivation What's Your 60 Minutes? 3-5
3/23/2016 Before School Clubs I Mustache You a Question All
3/9/2016 Character Education Learning Character Through Sport All
3/9/2016 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Fall into good fitness habits before winter k-2
3/9/2016 Special Events NO MORE Campaign- March 6- 12 All
3/9/2016 Integration Dr. Seuss Theme K-2
3/9/2016 Holiday-Halloween EveryBODY loves PE K-2
3/9/2016 Movement Vocabulary "The Need for Speed" K-2
3/9/2016 Health May Your Health Be With You All
3/2/2016 Sports Kickin' It T/F & Did You Know? All
3/2/2016 Apps What's APPening in Health and P.E. All
2/18/2016 Physical Education physical education curriculum display example k-12
2/7/2016 About the Heart Holly Tree Heart Tips All
2/7/2016 Jump Rope for Heart Healthy Heart Beat k-5
2/7/2016 Jump Rope for Heart Jump Rope for Heart 3-5
2/7/2016 Fitness Show Us Your Winter Fitness Level k-5
2/1/2016 Fitness Star Wars: May Your Health Be With You 3-5
2/1/2016 Motivation Mileage Walk/Run Club-Baseball Diamond 3-5
1/19/2016 Holiday-Valentine's Day Rise UP to be Healthy K-2
1/17/2016 Nutrition Eat Great, Choose MYPLATE K-2
1/17/2016 Yoga Have a Namaste 9-12
1/14/2016 Health Skeleton Free Standing Health Board 6-8
1/14/2016 Nutrition What's on Your Plate? 3-5
1/14/2016 Motivation Wheel of Fortune All
1/14/2016 Nutrition Is Your Snack Worth Your Time? 9-12
1/6/2016 Movement Vocabulary Bob the Builder Presents: Building Relationships w K-2
12/31/2015 Adventure Education What in the World Inspires You? k-2
12/22/2015 Holiday-Christmas/Winter "Snow" many ways to be healthy k-2
12/13/2015 Gymnastics Gymnastics Skills 6-12
12/13/2015 Promoting PE Welcome to P.E. K-2
12/13/2015 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) It's Snow Easy to be Active K-2
12/13/2015 Holiday-Christmas/Winter December is the NEW January! 6-12
12/13/2015 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Merry 'Fitmas' and a 'Healthy' All
12/13/2015 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Merry Fitness All
12/13/2015 Health Don't Let Being Healthy Puzzle You 3-5
12/2/2015 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Exercise makes you BRIGHT All
11/25/2015 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Unwrap Something Healthy k-5
11/25/2015 Nutrition Energy In - Energy Out 3-5
11/25/2015 Motivation Power of Fitness k-8
11/19/2015 Holiday-Thanksgiving Why are you thankful for PE? k-3
11/18/2015 Motivation Change your words, Change your mindset! 6-12
11/12/2015 Motivation Get Your Mind In The Zone All
11/10/2015 Family Fitness Family Fitness Wall of Fame K-12
11/10/2015 Wellness Growing Ideas on Wellness K-2
11/10/2015 Fitness Hit Your Target This Year in PE All
11/10/2015 About the Body Our Body is INCREDIBLE! All
11/10/2015 Sport Stacking How do you stack up? 3-5
11/10/2015 Adapted Walk Safe/Bike Safe All
11/10/2015 Wellness Anchor yourself with proper nutrition k-5
11/10/2015 Dance Dance Around the World 3-8
10/23/2015 Adventure Education Hike the Trails All
10/23/2015 Common Core in PE College Football Scoreboard 3-8
10/22/2015 Skill Themes I Love Kicking 3-5
10/22/2015 Afterschool Project SUCCEED k-5
10/22/2015 Movement Vocabulary Fundamental Movement Skills unit K-2
10/20/2015 Common Core in PE Words with Friends All
10/19/2015 Holiday-Halloween Trick or Treat? Sugar Awareness 3-8
10/19/2015 About the Body "Witch" bone is "Witch" 3-5
10/19/2015 Holiday-Halloween Trick or Treat k-2
10/19/2015 Holiday-Halloween CAUGHT Being Fit K-2
10/10/2015 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Fall into Healthy Habits All
10/10/2015 Cooperation Teamwork Is ... 2-5
10/7/2015 Brain Research Brain Fun and Games K-12
10/7/2015 About the Body minion benefits of exercise K-2
10/7/2015 Motivation Go UP to new heights K-2
10/7/2015 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Having a Ball this Fall in PE! k-2
10/6/2015 Jump Rope for Heart We Jump! We Shoot! We Save! Hoops For Heart K-2
9/26/2015 Motivation Be Present & Be Active K-2
9/22/2015 Character Education PE gives you super powers k-5
9/18/2015 Beginning of School Look Who's Pitching In! K-5
9/2/2015 Fitness There Are a MINION Ways to Be Active k-5
8/31/2015 Beginning of School Whale-Come To Health k-6
8/31/2015 Promoting PE Full Speed Ahead k-2
8/31/2015 Rules PBIS rules for PE k-2
8/31/2015 Movement Vocabulary Non-Manipulative Locomotor Skills K-2
8/31/2015 Afterschool Athletics After School! All
8/26/2015 Beginning of School Start the year on the right foot K-2
8/26/2015 Shoe Policy Pete the Cat Remembers His Shoes for PE K-2
8/21/2015 Beginning of School PE KICK OFF k-5
8/19/2015 Promoting PE Why Physical Education is Important All
8/17/2015 Promoting PE Healthy Bodies Under Construction 3-5
8/17/2015 Beginning of School Physical Education - Where we get our sweat on! All
8/17/2015 Health A Germs Journey K-2
8/17/2015 Movement Vocabulary #Fitness Words All
8/14/2015 Closure Lesson Closure with the Twitter Feed All
8/13/2015 Physical Literacy Are you Physically Educated? Door Board All
8/13/2015 Fitness #FitWithFamily Door Board All
8/13/2015 Physical Education Physical Education Website Door Board All
8/10/2015 PE/Health Vocabulary There are a MINION ways to move! All
8/10/2015 Sports Take me out to the ballgame! All
8/7/2015 Promoting PE PE Will Pump You Up 4-5
8/7/2015 Common Core in PE May the Forces be with You All
8/7/2015 Beginning of School Welcome back/What to wear in PE All
8/5/2015 Beginning of School A MINION ways to Exercise 3-5
7/26/2015 Beginning of School Picture Yourself Participating in PE All
7/24/2015 Beginning of School 5210 Healthy Physical Education Board 3-5
6/25/2015 Fundraisers Got Twins? All
6/25/2015 About the Body Exercise and the Human Body 9-12
6/25/2015 Summer Fit-tastic Summer (Stay Healthy, Stay Happy) All
6/25/2015 Safety Summer Safety K-2
6/16/2015 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Hanging Around This Summer? All
6/16/2015 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Superhero Spring is Here Poem! K-2
6/16/2015 Fitness Balancing Diet and Exercise 3-5
6/16/2015 Health Disease Detectives 3-5
6/16/2015 Gymnastics Tumbling Unit 3-5
6/16/2015 Fitness How exercise effects our heart 6-8
6/16/2015 Obesity Maintaining a Healthy Weight with Minions 3-5
5/2/2015 Character Education Don't Let Relationships Weigh You Down K-8
5/2/2015 Nutrition Green Light, Eat Right K-5
4/29/2015 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) 50 Ways to be ACTIVE over the summer! k-5
4/21/2015 Health Health, Driver's Ed and Physical Education 9-12
4/21/2015 Girls and Women in Sports We Can Tie! K-2
4/21/2015 Promoting PE Look What's Poppin' ! 3-5
4/15/2015 Multicultural Different cultures in Major League Baseball 3-12
4/15/2015 Health Wild about good health k-2
4/15/2015 Nutrition Taste the Rainbow All
4/15/2015 Holiday Good Health ..Better Than Gold K-2
4/15/2015 Health Flying Into School with Good Health All
4/15/2015 Physical Activities Spring Into Action with Kids Drawings! PreK-3
4/15/2015 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Being Active Makes Your Brain Bloom 3-5
4/15/2015 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Blooming with Fitness All
3/24/2015 Health Swing into school with good health k-2
3/22/2015 Beginning of School Our Goals Are High k-5
3/22/2015 Integration "March" is Just One Way To Move K-2
3/17/2015 Bullying What's Bugging Me? K-2
3/16/2015 Other Swish Your Stress Away All
3/16/2015 Fitness Fall Into Family Fitness K-5
3/16/2015 Cooperation Owl Adventure! 3-8
3/7/2015 Nutrition "Taste the Rainbow" k-5
3/6/2015 Technology Feeling Puzzled About P.E.? Just scan 3-12
3/6/2015 Nutrition Get the Facts! 4-12
3/6/2015 Integration Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss K-5
3/3/2015 Fitness All Aboard The Fitness Train 3-5
3/3/2015 Jump Rope for Heart Be A Life Saver....Learn CPR 6-12
3/3/2015 About the Heart Buddy the Blood Cell Get's Circulatiing K-5
3/3/2015 Nutrition Fishing for Nutrition k-5
3/3/2015 Nutrition Keep Moderation In Consideration 3-5
2/26/2015 Fitness Presidental Active Lifestyle Stars K-2
2/26/2015 Dance Just Dance in PE k-3
2/24/2015 Sports Olympic Sports K-5
2/24/2015 Sports Frisbee! 3-5
2/24/2015 Sports Basketball History 4-5
2/17/2015 Character Education We Are Good Character Kids (Reach for the Stars) K-2
2/17/2015 Wellness Don't let Stress Ruffle your Feathers 6-9
2/17/2015 Fundraisers Shooting for Heart Health 3-9
2/4/2015 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Winter Wellness Snowman 3-5
2/1/2015 Behavior Incentives Superstars k-2
2/1/2015 Nutrition Today I Ate Like a Rainbow K-5
2/1/2015 Beginning of School Thumbs Up for PE k-5
1/28/2015 Jump Rope for Heart MES Staff is Heart Healthy.....ARE YOU? 3-5
1/17/2015 Fitness Snowboarding through the 5 Components of Fitness All
1/17/2015 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Did you SNOW that? 3-5
1/17/2015 Motivation You never know what you can accomplish... k-5
1/13/2015 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Don't Hibernate...PARTICIPATE!! K-6
1/9/2015 Class Management I Can... k-5
1/7/2015 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Staying Active in the Winter 3-5
1/1/2015 Motivation Core 4+ 3-5
12/17/2014 Equality BE yourself 6-8
12/12/2014 Olympics Sports of the Beijing Olympics 3-5
12/9/2014 Motivation Run Run like the Gingerbread man... K-2
12/9/2014 Common Core in PE PE Words with Friends 3-8
12/9/2014 Beginning of School Welcome to Physical Education K-2
12/5/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Get Wrapped up in Fitness All
12/5/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Merry Fitness All
12/5/2014 Technology Physical Education Instagram 6-8
12/5/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter We Are Nutcrackers About Physical Education All
12/5/2014 Health IS YOUR PUZZLE COMPLETE? 6-12
11/26/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter PE is SNOW much FUN! (Frozen) K-2
11/25/2014 Sportsmanship How to be a good sport All
11/25/2014 About the Body What Makes You Move 3-12
11/20/2014 Health Scare Away Bad Habits K-2
11/20/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Don't FALL for wrong food-Eat this, not that All
11/20/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Even Turkeys Love Physical Education K-2
11/12/2014 Nutrition Body Composition 9-12
11/12/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Give thanks for healthy choices All
11/12/2014 Holiday-Halloween Jumping Jack O Lanterns K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Treat Yourself to Good Health. (Halloween) All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Fall Into Fitness Bulletin Board 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Thankful For Physical Education 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Dem Bones (Halloween) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Don't Gobble Bad Habits 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Gobble, Gobble All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Don't be a turkey! Gobble up healthy food! All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Creeping Towards Good Health (Halloween) 2-6
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Exercise Builds Strong Bones (Halloween) 3-12
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Every Body needs Physical Education (Halloween) K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Thankful for PE because ... 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Merry Fitness 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Santa Needs Exercise 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Even Turkeys Love PE 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Give the Gift of Health...Get FITT K-12
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter The 12 Days of Fitness 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Tis the Season 2-12
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Have A Healthy Holiday 9-12
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Naughty or Nice Nutrition All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter O Come All Ye Fitful 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Here's what we do on our snow days!! All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day Fitness for the HEART (Valentine's Day) All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day P.E. is GOOD for your..."heart" All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Giving Thanks All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day Don't Overlook Your Health (Valentine's All
11/11/2014 Holiday-St. Patrick's Day We are so LUCKY to have P.E. All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween I'm Bats About Fitness (Halloween) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween SPOOKTACULAR DIET K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween It's No Trick that PE is a Treat! K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Jumping Jack-o-lanterns 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Trick or Treat Safety 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Turkeys in Training K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving I Am Thankful For... 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Fall to Pieces over Fitness (Halloween) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Let's Talk Turkey about Fitness 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Don't Be A Scarecrow (Halloween) K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Bounty of Choices (Thanksgiving) K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Gobble Up some Physical Education (Thanksgiving) All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Gobble Up Good Habits (Thanksgiving) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Turkeys in Training (Thanksgiving) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving What Are You Thankful for in Physical Education All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Merry Fitness (Christmas) All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter "Everyday Is A Gift" 9-12
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Light Up Your Season K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Lighten Up the Holidays 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-New Year's Healthy Habits for 2009 All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Keep Your Holidays in Balance 4-6
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Reach For The Star (Christmas) All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter What's On Your Top 5 List For Christmas? K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-New Year's My New Years Resolution 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-New Year's New Year, New You. In 2009, What Will You Do? 9-12
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Run, Run Rudolph 2-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day Healthy Valentine K-4
11/11/2014 Holiday-Earth Day Earth Day in P.E. K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Twas the Night Before Christmas 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter PE is Snow Much Fun Part II K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day It's All About Your Heart (Valentine's D 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day Heart's Content (Valentine's Day) K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Easter ExerEgg Hunt (Easter) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-St. Patrick's Day What's at the End of Your Rainbow? 2-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Presidents' Day Presidential Sports All
11/11/2014 Holiday-St. Patrick's Day It's Your Lucky Day--You Have P.E.! K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Easter Hoppy Easter K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween We Are Batty For P.E. (Halloween) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Basketball Santa (Christmas) All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day PE is Sweet! (Valentine's Day) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Earth Day Earth Day All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Get Caught Having Fun in P.E. #2 (Halloween) K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Physical Education is Fang-tastic (Halloween) K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Merry Fitness K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Exercise Builds Strong Bones (Halloween) K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Spooky in PE (Halloween) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Scared to The Bones (Halloween) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Our Bones are Webbed Together (Halloween) K-6
11/11/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day In PE We Have A Lot of Heart (Valentine's Day K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Get Wrapped Up in P.E. (Halloween) K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Exercising if FUN with Jack O'Lantern K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Dos and Don'ts for the Holidays 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween We're Batty About Volleyball (Halloween) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Make No Bones About It (Halloween) K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Get Caught Having Fun in P.E. (Halloween) K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving EXERCISE is like a feast for the HEART 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day Fall in Love with P.E. (Valentine's Day) K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day Put Your Heart into P.E. (Valentine's Day) K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-St. Patrick's Day P.E. is More Precious than Gold K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Easter Hop into P.E. with a Cool Attitude (Easter) K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween We're Batty About PE (Halloween) K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Dem Bones 2 (Halloween) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Healthy for the Holidays K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Merry Fitness K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Tis the Season to be Jogging K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Get Wrapped Up K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Activity Tree (Christmas) K-6
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Sportsmanship Winners Say: Happy Holidays! 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Have a Ball This Holiday Season... K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Twas the School Before Christmas (Christmas) K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Gifts of Good Health K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Merry Kickmas (Christmas) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Fitness: The Gift That Keeps on Giving (Christmas) All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Merry Fitness (Christmas) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter The Grinch Who Stole Fitness K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter The Presents of Wellness (Christmas) K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day Fall In Love With Fitness (Valentine's Day) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day "I heart P.E." (Valentine's Day) K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day I LOVE MY HEART (Valentine's Day) K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day Make a Healthy Heart Your Valentine K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-St. Patrick's Day Find Your LUCK In The Fitness Pot of Gold 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-St. Patrick's Day You Can't Rely on LUCK to Get You Fit k-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Corny Class (Halloween) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Merry Fitness (Christmas) k-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day 101 ways to keep your heart healthy (Valentine) K-8
11/11/2014 Holiday-Easter Egg-xercise Hunt (Easter) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-St. Patrick's Day Our Lucky Soccer Charms (St. Patrick's Day) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day Put your heart into PE (Valentine's Day) k-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Merry Fitness and a Happy New You (Winter) All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween CAUGHT EXERCISING (Halloween) K-12
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Bone Shaking Fitness Fun (Halloween) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Scare Away Bad Habits (Halloween) K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Whooo knows what PE means and why is it important? K-2
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween We're BATTY about FITNESS (Halloween) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Five Little Pumpkins (Halloween) PRE-K
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Scarytal Skeleton (Halloween) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter The Best Gift (Christmas) All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Tis the Season to Jingle Not Jiggle (Winter) All
11/11/2014 Holiday-Halloween Get Stuck On Exercise (Halloween) 3-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-New Year's Ring in the New Year! (New Year's Day) K-5
11/11/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Have Yourself A Healthy Little Christmas 3-5
11/10/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Give the Gift of Fitness (Christmas) k-2
11/10/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day How do you get your heart pumping? k-2
11/10/2014 Character Education Kick Off the School Year With... All
11/10/2014 Brain Research Exercise "Leaves" You Ready For Learning 3-8
11/7/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving "Gobble up" All
11/4/2014 Holiday-Halloween Sugar Awareness (Halloween) 3-8
11/4/2014 Holiday-Halloween Witch Muscles Do You Know (Halloween) 3-5
11/4/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Build Physical Activity Into Your Winter All
11/4/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day Valentine PE Board All
11/4/2014 Holiday-Halloween It's Not Scary... It's You! (Halloween) All
11/4/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter 12 Days of Physical Education (Christmas) k-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Give Thanks (Thanksgiving) K-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Even Turkeys Love PE II (Thanksgiving) K-3
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Feast On Fitness (Thanksgiving) 3-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving I am thankful for PE because... (Thanksgiving) K-2
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Turkeys Having a Ball Being Active (Thanksgiving) 3-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Gobble Up Nutrition (Thanksgiving) 2-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Things to be thankful for (Thanksgiving) K-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Gobble Up Good Habits (Thanksgiving) K-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Gobble Up Some Fun (Thanksgiving) K-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Don't be a Turkey! (Thanksgiving) 3-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Presidents' Day Get active like the Presidents (Presidents' D K-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Easter Lets Egg-xercise (Easter) K-2
11/3/2014 Holiday-Halloween Have a Bonetastic Halloween (Halloween) 3-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Halloween Its No Trick (Halloween) 1-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Where are you active this winter? (Winter) All
11/3/2014 Holiday-Halloween What's Brewing? (Halloween) All
11/3/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Healthy Christmas (Christmas) All
11/3/2014 Holiday-Halloween Making Connections in P.E. (Halloween) 3-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Hands of Holiday Fitness (Christmas) All
11/3/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Merry Fitness and A Healthy New You! (Christmas) K-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter 12 Days of Fitness (Christmas) k-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-St. Patrick's Day Take 10,000 Steps a Day to Get the Gold k-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Halloween Frightening Numbers of Health (Halloween) 9-12
11/3/2014 Holiday-Halloween Caught Exercising (Halloween) K-2
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Sporting Your Tail-feathers (Thanksgiving) 3-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Halloween Get your Bones Moving! (Halloween) 3-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter The 12 Days of Fitness (Christmas) All
11/3/2014 Holiday-Halloween Exercise is Good for 'Dem Bones (Halloween) All
11/3/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter The 12 days of holiday break (Christmas) 3-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-New Year's New Years Resolution (New Year's Day) 4-12
11/3/2014 Holiday-Valentine's Day Our Hearts Beat For... (Valentine's Day) All
11/3/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Every"body" Loves Fitness (Christmas) 3-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Halloween "Witch" is Your Favorite Sport? (Halloween) 3-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-New Year's Skating in the New Year (New Year's Day) All
11/3/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Jingle Balls Bulletin Board (Christmas) K-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Halloween IT'S OCTOBER, HAVE FUN (Halloween) k-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter BUILD PHYSICAL ACTIVITY INTO YOUR WINTER (Winter) k-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Exercise Makes Me One Cool Bird! (Thanksgiving) 3-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-St. Patrick's Day EAT GREEN FOR GOOD HEALTH (St. Patrick's Day) k-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-St. Patrick's Day It Takes More Than Luck (St. Patrick's Day) 3-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-St. Patrick's Day Health requires more than LUCK (St. Patricks Day) k-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Gobbling Up Healthy Snacks (Thanksgiving) All
11/3/2014 Holiday-Halloween 'Bat'ter Up!! (Halloween) All
11/3/2014 Holiday-Christmas/Winter Dear Santa (Christmas) K-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Dont Gobble Unless You Wobble (Thanksgiving) k-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving We are Thankful (Thanksgiving) k-2
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Gobble Up The Good Stuff (Thanksgiving) All
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Don't be a Turkey (Thanksgiving) K-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Gobble If You Love P.E. (Thanksgiving) K-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Don't Gobble 'Til You Wobble (Thanksgivi All
11/3/2014 Holiday-Halloween "Get Caught Goblin Up Healthy Snacks!" (Halloween) K-2
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Hickory Elementary is Thankful (Thanksgiving) 3-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Mr. Gobble Says (Thanksgiving) 3-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Easter Hop Into P.E. With A Cool Attitude (Easter) k-2
11/3/2014 Holiday-Halloween All wrapped up in fitness (Halloween) All
11/3/2014 Holiday-Halloween Vampire Volleyball (Halloween) 6-8
11/3/2014 Holiday-Halloween How many calories are in your treat? (Halloween) 4-12
11/3/2014 Holiday-Thanksgiving Gobble Up Physical Education at Thanksgiving 3-5
11/3/2014 Holiday-Halloween Beanbag Spooktacular at Halloween K-2
10/31/2014 Promoting PE It's Never a Question of Can you, But Will Yo 6-8
10/31/2014 Nutrition What's on Your Plate? 6-8
10/31/2014 Apps Free Apps for a Healthy Body 6-8
10/31/2014 Fitness Assessments The Purpose of Fitness Testing: Health and Fitness 6-8
10/31/2014 Nutrition Water is Important 3-5
10/31/2014 Skeletal/Bones Skeletal Sytem 3-5
10/31/2014 Fitness No Bones About It All
10/31/2014 Fitness Growing Up Fit All
10/31/2014 Rules Be a Star in Physical Education (Rules) 3-5
10/31/2014 Shoe Policy Don't FALL in Physical Education! Tie your sh K-2
10/31/2014 Skill Themes Throwing and Catching is for Everyone 3-5
10/31/2014 Fitness Fall Into A Great Fitness Plan All
10/16/2014 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) In The Fall...Play Ball! K-2
10/16/2014 About the Heart Heart Health K-2
10/16/2014 Integration Walk to School Event All
10/16/2014 Nutrition MyPlate K-2
10/16/2014 Health Dracula Sneeze 3-5
10/16/2014 PE/Health Vocabulary PE/Health Word Wall All
10/16/2014 Adapted Unit Board K-2
10/16/2014 Adapted Physical Education Vocabulary K-2
10/16/2014 Goal Setting Physical Education Goal Board 3-5
10/16/2014 Character Education PE Rocks 3-5
10/2/2014 About the Body Do You Know Your Bones? All
10/2/2014 Beginning of School Game Plan for First Sememster All
10/2/2014 Physical Activities We Want YOU to Play 60! 9-12
10/2/2014 Character Education Score a TD for Good Character in PE All
10/2/2014 Rules R.E.S.P.E.C.T. All
10/2/2014 About the Body Exercise Your Heart/Brain All
10/2/2014 Promoting PE Building Happy, Active Kids in PE 3-5
10/2/2014 Beginning of School School Values 3-5
10/2/2014 Field Day Remember Today Field Day All
10/2/2014 Character Education Shoot For Good Character In P.E. All
10/2/2014 Character Education Climb The Leadership Ladder In P.E. All
10/2/2014 Sportsmanship Sportsmanship Super Stars All
10/2/2014 Skill Themes Catch Me If You Can (Chasing, Dodging & Fleeing) 3-5
10/2/2014 Shoe Policy Remember your sneakers All
10/2/2014 Beginning of School Get to know your PE teachers All
9/8/2014 Safety How Did you Get to School? (Walk & Bike Day) 6-8
9/5/2014 Special Events Speedstack Showdown All
9/5/2014 Wellness Power of Laughter All
9/5/2014 PE/Health Vocabulary Score Points in PE! 3-5
9/3/2014 Sport Skills PE Punters All
9/3/2014 Beginning of School Kickin' Off A Great School Year K-2
8/27/2014 Common Core in PE If You Give A Kid A Kickball... K-2
8/25/2014 Beginning of School We're Poppin' in PE! All
8/24/2014 Beginning of School Dive into Physical Education - Oxygen required! All
8/22/2014 Awards/Hall of Fame We Will BEE Prepared for PE 3-5
8/21/2014 PE/Health Vocabulary PE Buzz Words All
8/21/2014 Health Superhero Health 3-5
8/21/2014 Beginning of School Welcome! K-5
8/19/2014 Fitness Exercise is an Important Piece of the Day k-2
7/31/2014 Beginning of School Kick Off The School Year With Physical Education K-5
7/6/2014 Behavior Incentives How to "BEE" in PE All
7/6/2014 Common Core in PE Common Core Math in PE 3-5
6/23/2014 Sportsmanship Good Sportsmanship is Always in Season K-2
6/16/2014 Special Events Walk-to-School Day All
6/16/2014 Beginning of School Welcome Back! Let's Move K-2
6/16/2014 Girls and Women in Sports The Mind Body Relationship 6-12
5/14/2014 Promoting PE Everbody needs…..athletic stance 6-8
5/14/2014 Jump Rope for Heart Jump Rope for Heart K-2
5/14/2014 End of School Year Time Flies When You Are Having Fun! 6-8
5/14/2014 Beginning of School Jump Into A New School Year K-2
5/6/2014 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) May: get up get out and move k-2
4/29/2014 Common Core in PE W.O.W! Word of the Week Contest 3-5
4/29/2014 Playgrounds Play With Caution K-2
4/21/2014 Special Events Oh The Things You a Can That Are Good For You 3-5
4/21/2014 Health Don't Put Your Life in Jeopardy! 3-8
4/21/2014 Nutrition Eating Fresh is sooo Healthy k-5
4/21/2014 Yoga Yoga: Just Breathe All
4/20/2014 Nutrition Milk It Does A Body Good k-12
4/20/2014 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) April Showers-How to stay active even when its wet 3-5
4/20/2014 Olympics Olympic Medals 3-12
4/20/2014 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) What exercise do you treasure? k-2
4/20/2014 Sports Modified Football 3-5
4/20/2014 Cooperation Teamwork: Many Hands Make Light Work All
4/20/2014 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Spring Time is Fitness Time k-2
4/20/2014 Health Showers of Stress Relief 3-8
4/20/2014 Common Core in PE A Verb is an Action Word 3-5
4/3/2014 Beginning of School Coming Soon To A Gym Near You All
3/15/2014 Olympics Go for the gold in Physical Education 3-5
3/15/2014 Nutrition A Healthy You k-5
3/11/2014 Health I'm Stressing Out 3-8
3/6/2014 Goal Setting Even Olympians Start Small k-2
2/26/2014 Olympics Winter Olympics - Sochi - 2014 K-5
2/24/2014 Skill Themes Things to Remember when Throwing K-2
2/24/2014 Olympics Winter Olympics k-5
2/24/2014 End of School Year COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER All
2/24/2014 Motivation GET OFF THE COUCH All
2/4/2014 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) PE is Great! k-2
2/4/2014 Fitness 50 Reasons to Exercise All
2/4/2014 Fitness Blizzard of Fitness K-2
2/4/2014 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) A Great Bunch of Kids are Falling into Fitness k-2
2/4/2014 Health Healthy Start to 2014 All
2/4/2014 Olympics Olympian health All
2/4/2014 Wellness Exercise = Energy All
1/24/2014 Beginning of School Phys. Ed. Rules k-5
1/24/2014 Olympics 2014 Winter Olympics All
1/24/2014 Olympics Olympic Pride All
12/31/2013 Nutrition Eat Your Vegetables!!! All
12/31/2013 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Winter "Wonder" Land k-2
12/12/2013 Drug Awareness Award Winning Recipes for A Healthy, Drug-Free You 3-8
12/11/2013 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) PE is Snow Much Fun K-2
12/9/2013 Safety Avoid Snow Injures Be Cool & Protect Your Head All
12/2/2013 Fitness Strengthen Your Roots All
11/29/2013 Working Together Don't Let Relationships Weigh You Down! 6-8
11/29/2013 Nutrition Thanksgiving 5-8
11/29/2013 Behavior Incentives Bee-ing Good K-2
11/26/2013 Dance Twister Dance Edition All
11/24/2013 Common Core in PE Math is Everywhere 3-5
11/24/2013 Fitness Fitness Challenge All
11/22/2013 About the Body What Happens To The Turkey We Gobble? 6-12
11/22/2013 Behavior Incentives Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports k-2
11/22/2013 Physical Education Lifelong Exercise 3-12
11/22/2013 Fitness Aerobic Activity 3-8
11/4/2013 Drug Awareness Leaves Drugs Alone K-5
11/4/2013 Common Core in PE Word Wall 3-12
11/4/2013 Outdoor Sports We Love P.E. k-2
11/1/2013 Drug Awareness Stop Drugs at the door All
10/28/2013 About the Body The Scary Truth About Your Skeleton System 3-5
10/22/2013 Fitness Muscle Up with the Minions k-5
10/22/2013 Beginning of School Keep Calm and...get your fitness on, have a ball k-3
10/22/2013 Beginning of School Trekking into a new year 3-5
10/22/2013 Beginning of School Back to School Rules Review K-2
10/12/2013 Drug Awareness Say Boo to Drugs k-5
10/12/2013 Health I'm Healthy and I know it! k-5
10/6/2013 Technology iPunt with Technology 3-5
10/5/2013 Fitness Assessments Don't Let Fitness Testing Spook You All
10/5/2013 Common Core in PE Verb: It's what you do! K-5
10/4/2013 Physical Activities Physical Activity is Key to Unlocking the Treasure All
10/3/2013 Health Back to the Future 3-12
10/3/2013 Fitness Fall for a sport 3-8
10/3/2013 Character Education BeLeaf In Yourself k-5
10/2/2013 About the Body BONES 3-8
10/1/2013 Health How Do You Grow? K-2
10/1/2013 Physical Activities Get up get active k-2
9/30/2013 Nutrition Healthy Snack Bracket All
9/30/2013 Character Education Shoot for Good Character in P.E. k-5
9/22/2013 Dental Care When it comes to your Teeth, Speak the Tooth k-5
9/20/2013 Nutrition Color Me Healthy K-5
9/12/2013 Skill Themes Football PPK 3-8
9/11/2013 Beginning of School Welcome Back, Let's Have A Ball This Year! k-2
9/8/2013 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Sunshine=Fun Time k-5
9/8/2013 Health Welcome Back 3-8
9/1/2013 Movement Vocabulary All Aboard K-2
8/28/2013 Integration Try Them! k-2
8/28/2013 Recycling Reduce, Reuse, Recycle K-2
8/28/2013 Health Hearty Hockey All
8/28/2013 Fitness 5 Components of Physical Fitness 6-8
8/26/2013 Special Events Track & Field Meet 3-5
8/26/2013 PE/Health Vocabulary Bob the Builder Word Wall k-5
8/26/2013 Integration Literacy in PE k-5
8/20/2013 Beginning of School Hooo is Ready for fun and fitness 3-5
8/20/2013 Beginning of School Hiking Into A New Year All
7/30/2013 Adapted Slide Into Summer Interactive Bulletin Board 3-5
7/30/2013 Fitness Let's Have Fun and Exercise k-2
6/11/2013 Swimming Just Keep Swimming K-2
6/3/2013 Skill Themes The importance of skill-based Physical Education K-2
6/3/2013 End of School Year How will YOU be ACTIVE? All
5/26/2013 Sport Seasons What To do this Summer? Be Active Outside! All
4/29/2013 Fitness Don't Be a Wallflower - Spring Into Action! All
4/28/2013 Sun Safety Safe Sun In The Fun K-2
4/28/2013 About the Body Skeleton in the Closet K-2
4/16/2013 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Spring Into Action and Get Exercise! k-2
4/8/2013 Fitness Fitness Components k-3
4/5/2013 Fitness Let's Get APPtive All
4/5/2013 Jump Rope for Heart Jump Rope for Heart K-5
4/5/2013 Health Wash Your Hands! K-2
3/28/2013 Wellness Too Much Pressure 6-12
3/28/2013 Physical Activities Get Up, Get Moving k-5
3/28/2013 Sport Seasons Spring Into Sports All
3/28/2013 Health Hand Washing k-5
3/19/2013 Physical Activities "EGG" Cited About Spring 3-5
3/19/2013 Nutrition Healthy Eating Choices 3-5
3/14/2013 Nutrition Nutrition Month All
3/8/2013 Special Events Fun Activities To Do 3-12
3/8/2013 Technology iUnfit to iFit 6-12
3/8/2013 Fitness Family Fitness Calendar 1-8
3/5/2013 Fitness The Amazing Race All
3/5/2013 Nutrition How much Sugar do you drink? 3-8
3/5/2013 About the Body Live Smart for a Healthy Heart 3-5
3/5/2013 Jump Rope for Heart Who's Heart Do You Jump For? 3-8
2/26/2013 Gymnastics We are ALL Gymnasts in P.E. 3-5
2/24/2013 Safety Fire Safety Plan for Home 3-5
2/24/2013 Health Are You Heart Healthy? All
2/24/2013 Bullying We Commit To Be Bully Free 6-8
2/24/2013 Jump Rope for Heart Don't Be A Couch Potato, Jump Rope For Heart All
2/24/2013 Nutrition Hooked On Healthy Living 3-5
2/24/2013 About the Heart Your Heart Loves Physical Activity All
2/12/2013 Sports A New Yorker Invented Volleyball 6-12
2/12/2013 Fitness Exercise Makes You Incredible! All
2/12/2013 PE/Health Vocabulary Word Tackle All
2/6/2013 Word of the Week What is the PE Password? 3-5
2/2/2013 Fitness St. James PE Superheroes K-12
1/31/2013 About the Body Muscle(s) of the Month 3-8
1/29/2013 Safety Know Your Signs K-2
1/28/2013 Fitness Health Related Components of Fitness 3-5
1/27/2013 Fitness I Love Fitness K-12
1/27/2013 Multicultural Games Played Around the World 3-12
1/25/2013 Health Diary of a Healthy Kid k-5
1/25/2013 Shoe Policy Super Sneakers k-5
1/25/2013 Drug Awareness iTune out of Drugs 3-8
1/25/2013 Nutrition New Year...New 2013 Healthy You k-8
1/19/2013 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Stuck Inside This Winter? EXERCISE! k-5
1/19/2013 Nutrition Real Food or Junk Food 3-8
1/10/2013 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Winter Wonderland of Sports k-2
1/10/2013 Closure "Give me 5" 3-12
12/18/2012 Character Education "Catch a Positive Attitude" k-5
12/15/2012 Fitness Winter Wonderland k-12
12/15/2012 Special Events Cans for Cups 3-12
12/15/2012 Olympics Summer Olympics 2012 All
12/15/2012 About the Body Communicable Diseases 6-8
12/15/2012 Dance Dance The World 4-12
12/15/2012 Physical Education SEE WHY EXERCISE IS IMPORTANT k-5
12/15/2012 Character Education Teamwork and Goals 9-12
12/15/2012 Integration "Get your head in the game" 3-12
12/15/2012 About the Body Body Systems 3-12
12/15/2012 Fitness Got Mile? All
12/3/2012 Olympics Go For Gold 3-5
11/30/2012 Fitness Fall Into Fitness 3-5
11/30/2012 Sport Seasons Great Day for Hockey 3-5
11/30/2012 Sports Volleyball Cues and Help 4-12
11/28/2012 Fitness Components of Fitness 3-5
11/19/2012 Physical Education Here's OUR Sign...... K-5
11/19/2012 Beginning of School FITNESS FEET... KEEP THE BEAT!!!! k-5
11/19/2012 Health Be Wise K-2
11/19/2012 Dance Step Into Dance K-5
11/18/2012 About the Body How do I work out my. . . 6-12
11/14/2012 Class Management How to Be in Pe k - 5
11/14/2012 Nutrition Make A Happy Plate All
11/14/2012 Technology Free Fitness Apps! 6 -12
11/14/2012 Nutrition Smart turkeys Don't Gobble Junk Food K-2
11/12/2012 Nutrition What's On Your PLATE This Thanksgiving? All
11/12/2012 About the Body Skeletal System All
11/12/2012 Beginning of School Dive In To Health k-2
11/9/2012 About the Body What happens to your thanksgiving dinner? 3-5
11/9/2012 Health Pump it up! 6-8
11/9/2012 Health Walk Across Kentucky In Search of a Healthy Heart 3-5
11/9/2012 Physical Education Our Physical Education Word Wall All
11/3/2012 Movement Vocabulary Dr Seuss Motion 3-5
11/3/2012 Student Behavior Be Like An Olympian 3-5
11/3/2012 Dance DANCING THROUGH LIFE 3-5
11/3/2012 Physical Education As Seen in PE 3-5
11/3/2012 Health Cold Weather is Boootiful 3-5
10/26/2012 Fitness Fitness Tips for French Road! 3-5
10/26/2012 Character Education Social/Emotional Learning (SEL) Submarine 3-5
10/25/2012 Health What 50% will you be in by 2030, healthy or obese? 6-12
10/23/2012 Rules Keepin' It Real in PE and Health 3-8
10/20/2012 Beginning of School What Makes You a Star? k-5
10/20/2012 Motivation There is a Champion k-5
10/20/2012 Fitness One Can, Toucan Exercise we all can! K-2
10/20/2012 Olympics Begining of year ALL
10/20/2012 Health The Big 3 K-2
10/20/2012 Fitness 5 Components of Health-Related Physical Fitness 6-8
10/13/2012 Cooperation Solving Problems K-2
10/11/2012 Nutrition Healthy? All
10/11/2012 Leadership Pyramid of Success 6-8
10/11/2012 Motivation Dear Journal K-5
10/3/2012 Sportsmanship Sportsmanship Checklist K-5
10/3/2012 Running/Walking Clubs Run Around Fluvanna 3-5
10/3/2012 Character Education Kindness Corner 3-5
10/3/2012 Cooperation TEAM acronym K-5
10/3/2012 Student Behavior Paws For Kindness All
10/3/2012 Jump Rope for Heart Heart Smart 3-5
9/27/2012 Sportsmanship Encouragement 3-5
9/22/2012 Beginning of School Playlist To Stay healthy This year k-5
9/22/2012 Health Keeping White Marsh Healthy k-5
9/21/2012 Fitness What We Can Do 3-5
9/11/2012 Character Education What is Character? All
9/7/2012 Health Don't Monkey Around with Your Health All
9/7/2012 Shoe Policy Wear Sneakers to PE K-8
9/4/2012 Technology Welcome To PE...There's an APP for That 6-12
9/4/2012 Physical Education Target Goals In P.E. 3-5
8/29/2012 Bullying Bullying Is Not Our Game All
8/28/2012 Class Management HATS Off In PE 3-5
8/28/2012 Closure Mustang Thinkers (Closure Questions) All
8/23/2012 Awards/Hall of Fame Outside Getting Exercise All
8/23/2012 Integration Waldo Word Board K-2
8/22/2012 Olympics Gold Medal Students (Olympic theme) K-2
8/19/2012 Beginning of School Welcome to Phys. Ed. 2012 - 2013 K-2
8/16/2012 Fitness Now Showing: How to get fit All
8/16/2012 Motivation We can all be Champions! All
8/16/2012 Rules Have an Olympic Year! PE Class Rules All
8/9/2012 Olympics Faster Higher Stronger! K-2
7/18/2012 Fitness There Are Some Things Money Can Not Buy 6-8
7/7/2012 Closure Elements of Physical Fitness During Closure All
7/7/2012 Beginning of School Welcome Back! Let's Get Moving! All
6/7/2012 Olympics Olympics 3-12
5/21/2012 Sport Skills Table Tennis 6-12
5/14/2012 Motivation DeLIGHTful Days of December 3-5
5/10/2012 Jump Rope for Heart Stallings Kangaroos k-5
5/10/2012 Health Wear Sunscreen! k-12
5/10/2012 Bicycle Safety Bicycle Safety Checklist k-12
5/10/2012 Sun Safety Here Comes The Sun! k-12
5/10/2012 Technology Hunt Out The Facts (Cell Phone Technology in PE) 3-12
5/10/2012 About the Body Chilled to the Bone k-5
5/10/2012 Promoting PE May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. All
5/10/2012 Nutrition What's On Your Plate? K-5
5/10/2012 Promoting PE What's Going On Today In PE? All
5/10/2012 Exergaming Exergaming Bulletin Board 9-12
5/8/2012 Field Day Sport Shorts Field Day K-5
5/2/2012 End of School Year Hanging Out This Summer 3-5
4/30/2012 Fitness OHES Family Tree of Fitness All
4/26/2012 Health Keep Your Plate In Shape k-2
4/26/2012 Health Oh, the Things You can Do that are Good for You! 3-5
4/23/2012 Outdoor Sports Sunshine = Fun Time 3-5
4/23/2012 Physical Activities Swing This Spring PRE-K
4/23/2012 Fitness Wellness Wall K-2
4/23/2012 Behavior Incentives WYIS is "Running' to a healthier Community All
4/10/2012 Physical Education Let's Get Moooovin' K-2
4/10/2012 Fitness Don't be "WIMPY" have a fitness plan. 3-5
4/7/2012 Physical Activities It might be Cold Outside 3-5
4/7/2012 Health Ways to Love your Heart! 3-5
4/2/2012 Fitness 5 Components of Physical Fitness 3-12
3/28/2012 Safety Protect Your Brain k-2
3/28/2012 Cooperation PEACE in PE 3-5
3/28/2012 Multicultural African Americans in Sports All
3/25/2012 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Shaping up for the Seasons 6-8
3/25/2012 Integration PE Verb Words K-2
3/25/2012 Nutrition How Much Sugar is In YOUR Cereal? 3-5
3/25/2012 Health Extreme Plate make-over All
3/25/2012 Special Events Rolling Into the New Year All
3/25/2012 Recycling Its Easy to Be Green All
3/25/2012 Behavior Incentives "We Did Our PE Best!" - The PE People Project! 3-5
3/25/2012 Behavior Incentives All Star Classes 3-5
3/25/2012 Fitness Coach Potato All
3/21/2012 Physical Education Apply Yourself All
3/21/2012 Bullying Bullying is Bad 6-8
3/20/2012 Working Together Let's Be Friends 3-5
3/20/2012 Fitness There's sNOw Reason NOT to Exercise K-2
3/1/2012 Jump Rope for Heart Jump Rope for Heart All
2/29/2012 Sports Flag Football: It's Good!! 6-8
2/29/2012 Sports Pickleball 3-12
2/27/2012 Fitness Stack It Up For A Healthy Heart 3-5
2/27/2012 Olympics Going for Gold 6-8
2/27/2012 Physical Education Healthy Hearts All
2/27/2012 Physical Education First Week of school! All
2/27/2012 Sports Get Your Kicks From Soccer 3-5
2/27/2012 Outdoor Sports Ski New Hampshire 3-5
2/27/2012 Physical Education iPad P.E. Standards All
2/20/2012 Integration Write from the Heart 3-5
2/18/2012 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Spring into PE All
2/16/2012 Nutrition Calcium: Building Strong Bones K-5
2/15/2012 Fundraisers Hoops For Heart 3-5
2/15/2012 Adapted Basketball All
2/14/2012 Working Together Don't Hate: Communicate! 9-12
2/14/2012 Wellness The Heartbeat of Kindness K-2
2/14/2012 Wellness What I love about me 2-5
1/30/2012 Health Love your heart so you can...do what you love! k-2
1/30/2012 Equality Black History Month Awareness All
1/30/2012 Nutrition GOT Good Health k-5
1/30/2012 Jump Rope for Heart Our Hearts are Pumpin' for PE k-5
1/30/2012 Beginning of School PE Rocks All
1/26/2012 Motivation What's Coming Up in PE All
1/25/2012 Fitness Durant Challenge: Improve Your Upper Body Strength 6-8
1/25/2012 Movement Vocabulary Move it, Move it K-2
1/20/2012 Behavior Incentives Star Student k-5
1/20/2012 Bullying You are worth a crown! k-12
1/20/2012 Outdoor Sports Winter Blues? k-12
1/19/2012 Student Behavior Health and P.E. All-Stars! k-5
1/16/2012 Outdoor Sports Got Snow? Get Active! K-2
1/15/2012 Character Education Diversity in PE k-12
1/15/2012 Behavior Incentives How Do We Earn Extra P.E. K-2
1/10/2012 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Staying Active in Winter k-2
1/9/2012 Fundraisers Wishing Cancer Away K-2
1/9/2012 Other Double Dribble K-5
1/7/2012 Wellness Winter is a Physical Activity Wonderland 6-8
12/18/2011 Multicultural CVES Athletes Play Globally All
12/14/2011 Physical Education Extra, Extra, Read all About It! (P.E. Activities) All
12/14/2011 Adapted Volleyball All
12/14/2011 Integration It All Adds Up to a Healthier You! All
12/14/2011 Other There's "SNOW" reason not to exercise! All
12/14/2011 Nutrition Harvest a Healthy Body 6-8
12/14/2011 Goal Setting What is your GOAL for PE? K-2
12/14/2011 Exergaming Get up and move with Video Games 6-8
12/14/2011 Tennis STEM in Physical Education (Tennis) 6-8
12/14/2011 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Frosty's Active Winter 3-5
12/2/2011 Safety Santa Knows Fire Safety All
12/2/2011 Running/Walking Clubs Step Up to the Mileage Club 3-5
12/2/2011 Beginning of School iMove 6-8
11/22/2011 Special Events Around the World Cup Stacking 3-5
11/20/2011 Movement Vocabulary Word Wall k-5
11/20/2011 Outdoor Sports Aim for Fitness with Hunting 9-12
11/20/2011 Sportsmanship Good Sportsmanship 3-8
11/20/2011 Beginning of School Step in to a healthy lifestyle this school year!! k-8
11/16/2011 Bullying Stand Up To Bullying All
11/16/2011 Nutrition Food Guide Pyramid 3-5
11/16/2011 Fitness 7 Days Without Physical Activity Makes One Weak 3-5
11/16/2011 Movement Vocabulary Locomotors Take You Places K-2
11/16/2011 Fitness Catch the wave..it's fitness we crave! 3-5
11/16/2011 Safety Pedestrian Safety K-2
11/14/2011 Sport Skills Tennis Forehand, Backhand and Serve 6-8
11/7/2011 Physical Activities Can You Name Them All? All
11/7/2011 Nutrition Yummy, Yummy! Good for my tummy! 3-5
10/25/2011 Nutrition Halloween Nutritional Bulletin Board K-8
10/25/2011 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Fall into Fun With Frisbees All
10/24/2011 Integration Phys Ed -- Today's News and Word Wall 3-5
10/24/2011 Health Say BOO to the FLU K-2
10/21/2011 Yoga Yoga Across America All
10/21/2011 Integration Clock Math 3-5
10/21/2011 Playgrounds Playground Rules! All
10/21/2011 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Harvest of Healthy Habits 3-5
10/21/2011 Wellness Raking in Healthy Habits All
10/17/2011 Adapted Overcoming Obstacles All
10/17/2011 Motivation The Golden Sneaker CLub 3-5
10/17/2011 Nutrition Food Plate 3-5
10/17/2011 Promoting PE You're It, Get Fit 3-5
10/17/2011 Nutrition My Plate is Full 3-5
10/2/2011 Health Healthy Choices All
10/2/2011 Beginning of School Welcome to PE k-2
10/2/2011 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) "Fall Into Fitness" All
10/2/2011 Promoting PE Welcome Back. Time to Shape Up! K-2
10/2/2011 Wellness PE - It Does A Body Good 3-5
10/2/2011 Sun Safety Be Sunwise, Not Unwise All
10/2/2011 Character Education Let your light shine in PE All
10/2/2011 Bicycle Safety Bicycle Safety - Bicicleta de Seguridad k-8
10/2/2011 Promoting PE Exercise - Fuel For Your Mind k-8
9/14/2011 Promoting PE iPlay All
9/13/2011 Physical Education iGym All
9/13/2011 Special Events Super "Can" Man K-2
9/13/2011 Field Day Survivor Challenge All
9/13/2011 Character Education Social Emotional Learning Railroad 3-5
9/13/2011 Beginning of School Pitch In for a Great Year! All
9/7/2011 Physical Education WE ARE WILD ABOUT PE 3-5
9/7/2011 Nutrition Goodbye Pyramid, Hello Plate All
9/7/2011 Fitness Components of Fitness All
9/7/2011 Beginning of School PE Rocks! 3-5
9/7/2011 Nutrition My PLATE for Good Nutrition K-5
9/6/2011 Goal Setting Make Healthy Choices your "goal" this year! 3-5
9/6/2011 Skill Themes Throwing & Catching K-2
9/6/2011 Fitness Fitness Path All
9/6/2011 Promoting PE Informational PE Bulletin Board All
8/19/2011 Beginning of School P.E. Previews All
8/18/2011 Physical Activities I Was Active and Healthy This Summer All
8/18/2011 Field Day Field Day is a Home Run All
8/18/2011 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) End of School Bulletin Board All
8/18/2011 End of School Year Schools Out For Summer All
8/18/2011 Field Day Fired Up For Field Day! All
8/18/2011 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Ways to Go in the Snow k-5
8/18/2011 End of School Year What Can I Do To Stay Active Over The Summer? k-5
8/6/2011 Fitness Exercise 3-12
8/6/2011 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) STAY ACTIVE THIS SUMMER. k-2
5/22/2011 Student Behavior Fillling Buckets All
5/8/2011 Field Day On field day let your sportsmanship SHINE All
5/8/2011 Fitness Choose To Move K-2
5/6/2011 Nutrition Nutrition SMART EATING 3-8
4/28/2011 Fitness Fuel Your Performance 9-12
4/27/2011 Sport Seasons Spring into Action k-2
4/22/2011 Nutrition Healthy Eating 3-5
4/18/2011 Fitness Play 60 Minutes 3-5
4/18/2011 Goal Setting Steps to Achieving Success 3-12
4/18/2011 Nutrition Go, Slow, & Whoa All
4/18/2011 Sports Count Down to the District Track Meet 3-5
4/18/2011 Motivation Motivational Quotes 6-12
4/18/2011 Health Stop the Spread of Germs K-8
4/18/2011 Nutrition Dangers of Energy Drinks 9-12
4/12/2011 Sports Badminton Basics 6-8
4/12/2011 Nutrition What are you eating? 6-8
4/10/2011 Health Real Relevant Right Now Healthy Habits 3-5
4/8/2011 Jump Rope for Heart Do Something Sweet for Your Heart 3-5
4/8/2011 Character Education Peaceful Playground k-5
4/8/2011 Safety Youth Sports Safety Month K-5
4/8/2011 Bullying What Does It Take To Prevent Bullying? All
4/8/2011 Sun Safety ABC'S of sun safety All
4/8/2011 Health Communication Skills 6-8
4/8/2011 Jump Rope for Heart Jump Rope and Hoop for Heart 3-5
4/1/2011 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Exercise Up A Snow Storm! All
4/1/2011 Sports Table Tennis 3-5
4/1/2011 Fitness Assessments Cardiovascular Endurance 3-5
4/1/2011 Safety Spring into Sport Safety All
4/1/2011 Physical Education Put A Spring In Your Step All
4/1/2011 Health Stress K-2
4/1/2011 Physical Activities Rolling into Spring K-2
4/1/2011 Character Education The Recipe for Success in P.E. All
4/1/2011 Jump Rope for Heart JRFH Thank-you All
4/1/2011 Health Get an E.D.G.E. on a great school day All
4/1/2011 Nutrition New Fruits and Veggies in 2011 3-5
4/1/2011 Nutrition Every Color Every Day K-6
4/1/2011 Multicultural Sports From Around The World K-12
4/1/2011 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Snow Much Fun K-2
4/1/2011 Motivation P.E. PAW Club K-5
4/1/2011 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Winter Activity Ideas K-5
3/30/2011 Motivation Don't be a "Couch Potato" EXERCISE! K-8
3/16/2011 Juggling Circus Fun 3-5
3/10/2011 Jump Rope for Heart Smart to Workout Your Heart K-5
3/9/2011 Sport Seasons "Swing" into fitness 3-5
3/8/2011 Jump Rope for Heart Be a Heart Hero k-5
3/8/2011 Jump Rope for Heart Have A Heart Do Your Part K-2
3/8/2011 Motivation Big Shoe Award K-5
2/24/2011 Health Are you ready? 9-12
2/23/2011 Fitness Commit to get F.I.T.T. 3-12
2/23/2011 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Having A Ball in P.E. k-2
2/23/2011 Jump Rope for Heart Heart Health k-5
2/23/2011 Jump Rope for Heart Hoops For Heart k-2
2/23/2011 Sports March Madness K-2
2/22/2011 Physical Activities Lifetime Activities 3-8
2/20/2011 About the Body We're Going To Pump You UP!! 6-8
2/20/2011 Character Education Be part of the solution not the problem K-2
2/20/2011 Fitness Get F.I.T.T. the Right Way 6-8
2/13/2011 Pedometers Jump To It 3-5
2/13/2011 Nutrition Create Your Own Healthy Meals! K-5
2/13/2011 Integration Sports Around the World 3-5
2/13/2011 Nutrition Got Milk? II k-5
2/9/2011 About the Body Beat True To Your Heart 3-5
2/9/2011 Other Which Way to Stack'em? 3-8
2/9/2011 Dental Care Twice a Day Keeps the Dentis Away K-2
2/2/2011 Fitness P.E. NEWS 3-5
2/1/2011 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Tally Mark Your Activities 3-5
2/1/2011 Movement Vocabulary Motor skills 3-5
1/15/2011 Student Behavior Building Up or Breaking Down 3-5
1/15/2011 Awards/Hall of Fame Wall of FAME 1-5
1/9/2011 Dance Dancing In the New Year K-2
1/9/2011 Physical Education FUEL UP k-5
1/7/2011 Integration Football VS. Soccer Venn Diagram 3-8
1/2/2011 Health Tossing Up A Tasty Treat PRE-K - 2
1/2/2011 Wellness 95210, "The zip code to healthy living" k-2
12/23/2010 Nutrition What is a healthy Snack K-5
12/21/2010 Character Education Give Peace a chance k-5
12/21/2010 Character Education Caring...Little word, big rewards K-2
12/14/2010 About the Body Lub Dub, Lub Dub 3-5
12/14/2010 Nutrition NUTRITION 3-8
12/10/2010 Health You have one body, treat it gingerly! 6-8
12/10/2010 Recycling Pitch In For A Healthy World K-2
12/10/2010 Special Events Turkey Toss Event All
12/10/2010 Health Pawsitively Drug Free All
12/10/2010 Health Say Peace out to Drugs All
12/10/2010 Physical Activities Different Ways We Move in PE! K-2
12/10/2010 Physical Activities Don't Get Snowed In This Winter All
11/26/2010 Health Healthy Gifts All
11/26/2010 Motivation We Like to Move It, Move It! All
11/26/2010 About the Body Spread The Word, Not The Disease 3-5
11/23/2010 Physical Activities Get your hands on PHYSICAL ACTIVITY K-2
11/23/2010 About the Body Physical Activity is the KEY 3-12
11/19/2010 Health Follow the Path to Injury Prevention 6-12
11/19/2010 Shoe Policy Start PE on the right foot All
11/17/2010 Sun Safety What Is Your Skin Telling You 6-8
11/14/2010 Wellness What Is Wellness? 3-5
11/14/2010 Sportsmanship What is Sportsmanship? 3-8
11/14/2010 Fitness Body Tune Up 3-5
11/14/2010 Health Skeleton facts 3-5
11/14/2010 Sports Football 3-5
11/14/2010 Class Management Sticker Competition K-5
11/14/2010 Fitness What Is Exercise K-2
11/14/2010 Sports Motocross All
11/14/2010 About the Body Sweaty Facts 3-8
11/14/2010 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Fall FOOT Fun! K-2
11/14/2010 Bicycle Safety Bike Safety unit 3-5
11/14/2010 Nutrition Healthy planning 6-8
11/13/2010 Adventure Education Physical Education 3-5
11/13/2010 Motivation Fine Arts Classes of the Week k-5
11/11/2010 Adventure Education Ropes Course Adventure 3-5
11/11/2010 Promoting PE ABC's of Physical Education 3-5
11/11/2010 Fitness We Are Active K-2
11/11/2010 Fitness Fitness Card 9-12
11/11/2010 Fitness Health Related Fitness Components 3-5
11/11/2010 Nutrition Suzies quest to give her tummy the best! K-2
11/11/2010 Health Dizzy from Dependence 3-5
11/11/2010 Beginning of School Getting Fit in the Fall 3-5
11/11/2010 Beginning of School Starting off on the right foot K-2
11/11/2010 Physical Education Road To A Healthy Heart All
11/11/2010 Sports Hockey Vocabulary 6-8
11/11/2010 Physical Activities Roll Anywhere with Inline Skating 3-5
11/11/2010 Health Drug Free School All
11/11/2010 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Change Your Clocks, Change Your Choices All
11/10/2010 Running/Walking Clubs How far has your school walked? 3-5
11/10/2010 Health Healthy Bodies Under Construction 3-5
11/9/2010 Nutrition What's in your lunch? K-2
11/8/2010 Health Wash Your Germs Down the Drain K-5
11/6/2010 Character Education I Got Caught Being A Good Sport K-2
11/6/2010 Water Safety Water Safety 3-12
11/6/2010 Beginning of School Meet your PE Teachers All
10/24/2010 Health School Zip code for Health 3-12
10/24/2010 Goal Setting Wild About Fitness K-2
10/20/2010 Goal Setting I can tie my shoe K-2
10/20/2010 Special Events Fightin Phillies Road to the World Series! 3-12
10/20/2010 Promoting PE Making Tracks 3-5
10/20/2010 Student Behavior Cyber Bullying 6-8
10/20/2010 Health Get on the Right Road of Life 5-8
10/20/2010 Character Education We Are Cooking Up a Pot of Friendship 3-5
10/18/2010 Physical Activities Commit to Being Fit 3-5
10/18/2010 Character Education Friendship, sharing All
10/18/2010 Beginning of School Life is Better in Sneakers k-5
10/16/2010 Health Just Say No To Stress 3-8
10/16/2010 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Falling For A Healthy Lifestyle All
10/16/2010 About the Body Dem Bones Are Healthy 3-8
10/16/2010 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Fall into Sports k-5
10/16/2010 About the Body No Bones About It All
10/16/2010 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Fall Into Wellness All
10/16/2010 Goal Setting Our Goals For PE 3-5
10/16/2010 Goal Setting Be SMART About PE Goals 6-12
10/16/2010 About the Body Bone Knowledge 3-5
10/16/2010 About the Body Let's Dig Deep and Learn About Bones 3-5
10/16/2010 Fitness Exercise - For A Healthier You! 6-12
10/13/2010 Sportsmanship What Does Sportsmanship Mean To You? 3-5
10/9/2010 Sports Volleyball: Pass, set, spike! All
10/9/2010 Fitness No Child Left Unfit All
10/9/2010 Health I Am Healthy Because... K-2
10/9/2010 Fitness Remember to Warm-Up and Cool Down K-8
10/7/2010 Integration The Art of Making Healthy Choices All
10/7/2010 Heart Rate Monitors What's Your Target Heart Rate? 3-5
10/7/2010 Promoting PE Got PE? k-5
10/7/2010 Nutrition How is your balance? All
10/7/2010 Physical Activities Physical Activity 3-5
10/7/2010 Sportsmanship Sportsmanship 3-5
9/28/2010 Fitness Leap onto the Path of FITNESS! 3-5
9/27/2010 Wellness Where Can I Go To Get Fit? k-8
9/27/2010 Health Health Benefits All
9/27/2010 Health Commitment to your Health All
9/27/2010 Goal Setting New Year = New Goals 3-5
9/27/2010 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Fall In to... All
9/27/2010 Nutrition Every Color Every Day K-8
9/27/2010 Character Education The six traits of a linden leopard All
9/27/2010 Rules Following Rules is right down our Alley K-2
9/27/2010 Health Steps To A Healthy Heart 3-8
9/27/2010 Physical Education Oh, the places you will go K-2
9/14/2010 Beginning of School Celebrate Exercise k-2
9/14/2010 Nutrition The Food Pyramid K-8
9/12/2010 Beginning of School Don't Forget to Wear Your Sneakers to PE! All
9/12/2010 Health Use It or Lose It 3-12
9/12/2010 Beginning of School My Wish in PE k-2
9/12/2010 Exergaming Texting Your Way to Fitness 3-8
9/12/2010 Running/Walking Clubs Walking Club All
9/12/2010 Health April Fools? 3-8
9/12/2010 Beginning of School Team Players 3-5
9/12/2010 Outdoor Sports Disc Revolution 3-12
9/7/2010 Physical Activities How do you get your 60? k-5
9/7/2010 Wellness Hop to Success k-5
9/5/2010 Beginning of School Meet Your Teachers All
9/5/2010 Sportsmanship How can you be a PE superstar? k-5
9/3/2010 Physical Education The Hospital in GYM Class K-2
9/3/2010 Class Management Pocket Activities 3-5
9/3/2010 Character Education Peaceworks K-2
9/3/2010 Integration Skills of life 3-5
9/3/2010 Skill Themes Jumping Rope 1-5
9/3/2010 Health Health Question of the Week 1-8
8/30/2010 Class Management Dressing For Success 6-8
8/30/2010 Rules Score a Touchdown in PE k-5
8/29/2010 Cooperation Every Mission Is Possible In PE ... k-5
8/29/2010 Health Mission: Healthy Hearts k-2
8/29/2010 Before School Clubs Walk Across America 3-5
8/29/2010 Health Our Future Is Bright ... We Are Drug Free All
8/27/2010 Beginning of School Meet the New Teacher k-5
8/13/2010 Beginning of School Let's Have a Ball This Year! K-2
8/11/2010 Beginning of School Working Together to Make a Difference 3-5
8/7/2010 Movement Vocabulary Word of the Week 3-5
8/7/2010 Rules Playing by the Rules All
8/7/2010 Fitness Be Active 60 a Day All
8/2/2010 Health Here Comes the Sun 3-12
8/2/2010 Beginning of School Kick Off to a Great Year K-2
8/2/2010 Beginning of School Wear SNEAKERS to P.E. All
8/2/2010 Beginning of School Here's the Scoop All
7/30/2010 Fitness Conquer The Green Circle Bike Club 9-12
7/30/2010 Special Events Promoting Jump Rope For Heart All
7/30/2010 Health Be Sun Smart! All
7/1/2010 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Summer Fitness Plan 3-5
7/1/2010 Health Head Lice All
7/1/2010 Health How will you stay Healthy this Winter k-5
7/1/2010 Health "the A,B,C's of Health" K-5
7/1/2010 Bullying A Tease Is a Hook - Don't Bite! K-2
7/1/2010 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Blooming in PE k-2
6/27/2010 Character Education How to BEE in PE K-2
6/15/2010 Nutrition Good Nutrition is Easy to Swallow 3-5
6/1/2010 Promoting PE We like to moooove it K-2
5/31/2010 Nutrition Facts about water K-2
5/31/2010 Nutrition Fitness Food Mural K-5
5/31/2010 Health Happy Healthy Choices K-8
5/31/2010 Afterschool Recess Ideas 3-5
5/31/2010 Outdoor Sports Lacrosse 6-12
5/23/2010 Character Education How to BEE in PE k-2
5/23/2010 Field Day field day is blossoming! 3-5
5/23/2010 Integration Soccer Acrostic Poems 3-5
5/22/2010 Sports Pickle Ball 6-8
5/22/2010 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Summer Plans 9-12
5/22/2010 Health Chew the Right Thing 3-12
5/22/2010 Sport Skills Soccer 3-5
5/22/2010 Health SunWise All
5/22/2010 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Soaring into Spring 3-5
5/14/2010 Nutrition Go for the...Greens k-5
5/2/2010 Character Education What Makes a Good Friend? All
5/2/2010 Bicycle Safety Let's Go Biking Safely 3-5
5/2/2010 Fundraisers Jump Rope for Heart All
5/2/2010 Field Day Field Day Line-Up All
5/2/2010 About the Body What are you made of? 9-12
5/2/2010 Physical Education Fight Childhood Obesity with Quality Physical Educ All
5/2/2010 Fitness Assessments Spring Into Action 3-5
4/25/2010 Nutrition Mission for Good Nurition 3-5
4/25/2010 Fitness The Benefits of Fitness K-2
4/25/2010 Nutrition 8 x 8 Rule All
4/25/2010 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) April Rain K-2
4/25/2010 Promoting PE Exercise Good for the Body and Brain All
4/25/2010 Nutrition Got Milk? 3-5
4/25/2010 Motivation Leap in to Fitness 3-5
4/22/2010 Motivation Phys. Ed Newsflash 3-5
4/20/2010 Sportsmanship Sportsmanship 3-5
4/18/2010 Physical Education Reasons to Fall in Love with a Quality PE Program 3-5
4/18/2010 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Spring into Fitness K-2
4/16/2010 Nutrition eat your veggies k-5
4/16/2010 Fundraisers Jump Rope for Heart k-5
4/16/2010 Dance Dance your way to a healthy heart 3-5
4/11/2010 Health Benefits of Physical Activity k-8
4/11/2010 Outdoor Sports Slide into Spring K-2
4/9/2010 Health Spring Into Action k-8
4/9/2010 Health Help Your Family Make Healthy Choices k-5
4/9/2010 Health Try A Healthy SACK! k-5
4/9/2010 Fitness Assessments Rise to the Challenge / The President's Chall All
4/7/2010 About the Body We have the nervous system on our mind 3-12
4/7/2010 Integration Great African American Athletes All
4/7/2010 Olympics Winter Olympics Doorway 3-5
4/7/2010 Olympics If you Can Dream it,You can win it II-Olympic Oath 3-5
4/7/2010 Olympics Winter Olympics All
4/7/2010 Physical Education Why We Love Physical Education K-5
4/7/2010 Health Priceless All
4/7/2010 Adventure Education Climbing to New Heights in 2010 k-5
3/28/2010 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Spring Has Sprung! k-2
3/28/2010 Class Management Learning Center K-2
3/28/2010 Health It's Your Life... It's Now or Never 6-12
3/10/2010 Special Events WILD ABOUT JUMPING ROPE k-2
3/10/2010 Class Management Learning Center K-2
3/10/2010 Girls and Women in Sports Women in Sports 3-5
3/10/2010 Promoting PE Why We Need Physical Education K-5
3/10/2010 Nutrition Eating Smart= A Healthy Heart 3-5
3/7/2010 Olympics Waverly Wacky Winter Olympics K-2
3/7/2010 Olympics Vancouver Olympics Medal Count k-8
3/7/2010 Olympics Winter Olympics All
3/7/2010 Fundraisers Jump Rope For Heart 2010 k-5
3/7/2010 Health Let's Fill Our Hearts With Happiness K-2
3/7/2010 Olympics 2010 Winter Olympics display 3-12
3/7/2010 About the Body Muscle of the Month with "mr. Muscle" 3-5
3/7/2010 Olympics Winter Olympic Medal Count All
3/7/2010 Olympics Winter Olympics All
3/7/2010 Cooperation Conflict Resolution - Peace k-5
3/7/2010 Fundraisers Jump Rope For Heart 3-5
3/7/2010 Beginning of School We Missed You k-2
3/7/2010 Dental Care Healthy Teeth K-2
3/7/2010 Fundraisers Jump rope for heart k-5
2/26/2010 Juggling Circus Fun 3-5
2/26/2010 Motivation The Great Gumball Gallery 3-5
2/26/2010 Health Sweating Is Good BUT Deodorant Is Better! 6-8
2/26/2010 Nutrition Snack Healthy K-5
2/24/2010 Special Events Jump Rope for Heart- Be a Heart Hero All
2/22/2010 Fundraisers Look Who's Heart Healthy 3-5
2/22/2010 Safety Cargo Climbing Net K-5
2/22/2010 Motivation Physical Activity for a Lifetime K-2
2/22/2010 Student Behavior Recess Time K-2
2/22/2010 About the Body Heart Wall 3-5
2/22/2010 Health Sticks Down, Heart Rates Up 3-5
2/14/2010 Word of the Week Word of the week K-2
2/14/2010 Class Management We can complete the puzzle K-2
2/14/2010 Olympics If you can Dream it, You can Win it. K-8
2/14/2010 About the Body Building a healthy heart K-5
2/12/2010 Bicycle Safety Livestrong With Bicycling 3-5
2/11/2010 Physical Activities "Ready, Set, Play" K-2
2/11/2010 Promoting PE The Best of Physical Education K-2
2/9/2010 Girls and Women in Sports How Well Do You Know Your Teachers? 3-5
2/9/2010 Character Education What It Takes To Succeed 3-5
2/8/2010 Fundraisers Jump Rope For Heart K-8
2/8/2010 Character Education We love a positive attitude k-8
2/8/2010 Fundraisers School walk for Diabetes All
2/8/2010 Beginning of School Advertising your PE program at open house All
2/8/2010 About the Body The Heart 3-8
2/8/2010 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) WINTER: Fun in the Snow 3-5
2/6/2010 Awards/Hall of Fame Golden Sneaker k-5
2/6/2010 Physical Activities Falling Into Good Habits 6-8
2/6/2010 Integration Literacy in PE - Verbs 3-5
2/6/2010 Gymnastics Rolling into the New Year K-2
2/6/2010 Bicycle Safety Unicycling Hints 5-8
2/6/2010 Physical Activities Daily Activity = Healthy Heart K-2
2/6/2010 Olympics Winter Olympics 2010 All
2/6/2010 Fitness F.I.T.T. 6-12
1/30/2010 Special Events African American Sport Greats All
1/30/2010 Sports Tennis is Swinging into PE k-5
1/30/2010 Outdoor Sports Nordic Skiing 6-12
1/30/2010 Goal Setting Stay ahead of the Game 3-6
1/30/2010 Student Work All Stars 6-8
1/30/2010 Health Be Smart, Don't Start 6-8
1/30/2010 Skill Themes Scooter Fun 3-5
1/30/2010 Fitness Fitness Rocks 3-5
1/26/2010 Health Shield Yourself From Disease 6-8
1/26/2010 Olympics Winter Olympics - Vancouver 2010 3-5
1/26/2010 Fitness Assessments Fitness Goals 3-5
1/16/2010 Behavior Incentives Smiles for happy choices K-3
1/16/2010 Olympics Olympic Medal Count 3-8
1/8/2010 Movement Vocabulary Leap into Learning All
1/8/2010 Olympics Winter Olympics 2010 K-5
1/8/2010 Sports Full Court Puzzle Press 6-8
1/8/2010 Bullying We Commit To Be Bully Free K-12
1/8/2010 Nutrition Food for Energy and Health 3-12
1/5/2010 Fundraisers Jump Rope for Heart and Heart Words 3-5
1/5/2010 Beginning of School Sneakers -Don't Leave Home Without Them! 3-5
1/5/2010 Movement Vocabulary What's Happenin' in 2010? K-2
1/5/2010 Health Fast Food Facts 9-12
1/1/2010 Fitness Warm it Up! Work it Out! Cool it Down! 9-12
12/29/2009 Sport Skills How To: Basketball Skills 3-5
12/29/2009 Nutrition Reading a Nutrition Label 3-5
12/29/2009 Character Education The Road to Friendship K-2
12/29/2009 Character Education Character Tree All
12/29/2009 About the Body Nervous System 6-8
12/18/2009 Fitness The FITT Principle 6-8
12/18/2009 Student Work All those Bones! K-6
12/18/2009 Nutrition A+ for Nutrition K-2
12/18/2009 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Winter Fun at 101! K-6
12/14/2009 Beginning of School What's Poppin' in P.E. this year? 6-8
12/14/2009 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Fit in the Fall All
12/14/2009 Juggling Juggling K-2
12/14/2009 Special Events Jump Rope Jeopardy 3-5
12/14/2009 Character Education Howling and Hooting for School 3-5
12/11/2009 Outdoor Sports There's sNOw reason not to exercise All
12/11/2009 Physical Activities 2010 All
12/11/2009 Motivation Healthy Bodies Under Construction K-6
12/11/2009 Health National Hand Washing Awareness Week Dec. 6 - 12 K-5
12/11/2009 Wellness Spread the word, not the germs 3-5
12/6/2009 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Snow How to Stay in Shape K3-8
12/6/2009 Olympics Picture Yourself Participating in Olympics K-2
12/6/2009 Special Events Stack Fast 3-5
12/6/2009 Awards/Hall of Fame Star Students 3-5
12/3/2009 Rules 8 Rules of the Pool 3-5
12/2/2009 Olympics Winter Olympics 2010 All
12/1/2009 Beginning of School Get Started on the Right Foot K-2
12/1/2009 Character Education Attitude is Everything K-5
11/28/2009 Olympics Vancover Winter Olympics 2-12
11/27/2009 About the Body Piecing the Body Together K-5
11/27/2009 About the Body Our Five Senses K-2
11/27/2009 Health Let Healthy Habits [Not Germs] Be Contagious 3-5
11/27/2009 Fitness Picture Yourself Fit K-5
11/27/2009 Special Events Turkey Bowl K-5
11/27/2009 Dental Care Brush Up on these Facts K-2
11/27/2009 Skill Themes Planet Catching K-2
11/27/2009 Sports Archery Safety 3-5
11/27/2009 Integration Factoring Fancy Footwork 3-5
11/27/2009 Physical Education Walking In A Winter Wonderland K-5
11/27/2009 Health Turkey Talk 3-5
11/24/2009 Health "Stupid is as Stupid Does" Don't Smoke 3-5
11/18/2009 Motivation The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste K-5
11/18/2009 Student Work Careers That Focus on Maintaining Healthy and Acti 6-8
11/18/2009 Gymnastics PE (GYMNASTICS) AT IT'S BEST! 3-5
11/18/2009 Gymnastics Goodness Gracious Gymnastics! 3-5
11/18/2009 Dance Dance Dance!!! 3-5
11/17/2009 Water Safety Water Safety 3-5
11/17/2009 Fitness Commit to be fit K-5
11/17/2009 Physical Education Escape with Exercise K-5
11/17/2009 Class Management Playing by the Rules K-8
11/16/2009 Movement Vocabulary Madagascar Gets Moving K-3
11/15/2009 Beginning of School Kick Off A Great School Year K-5
11/15/2009 Field Day Survivor Field Day K-5
11/12/2009 Sport Skills Golf 9-12
11/12/2009 Sportsmanship Fair Play = Fun in P.E. K-2
11/12/2009 Integration Where In The World 3-5
11/12/2009 Bullying NO BULLY ZONE 6-8
11/11/2009 Motivation Kids In Action K-12
11/11/2009 Nutrition Eat the Rainbow 3-5
11/11/2009 Class Management Field of Progress 3-5
11/11/2009 Health BTW is Drug Free PRE-K
11/8/2009 Fitness We Walk and Run for Our Health 3-5
11/8/2009 Nutrition Harvest of Healthy Snacks K-5
11/8/2009 Nutrition Fall Nutrition Colors K-5
11/5/2009 Physical Activities Which physical activity do you enjoy most? 3-5
11/5/2009 Fitness Fall into Fitness K-5
11/5/2009 Beginning of School Welcome Back-Things to look forward to 3-5
11/5/2009 Health Recipe for a Drug Free Life 3-5
11/5/2009 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Happy Fall Y'all: Football/Soccer K-2
11/5/2009 Physical Education Game Exchange 4-9
11/5/2009 Sports Volleyball Skills 9-12
11/4/2009 Working Together School Spirit 5-12
11/4/2009 Fitness Assessments Are You In The Zone? 9-12
11/4/2009 Cooperation Survivor 6-8
11/4/2009 About the Body What Moves You 3-5
11/4/2009 Fitness How do YOU Stay Healthy and Fit 3-5
11/4/2009 Fitness Healthy Hearts K-2
11/4/2009 Health Web of Drugs - Red Ribbon Week K-6
11/4/2009 Physical Education How far can you travel? K-2
11/4/2009 Bullying Conflict Mediation 3-5
11/4/2009 Field Day Olympic Field Day K-2
11/4/2009 Wellness Don't Get Tangled Up In Web Of Bad Decisions 6-8
10/29/2009 Sports Archery: Seven Steps of Shooting 6-8
10/29/2009 Dance In the Spotlight! K-5
10/29/2009 Goal Setting Respect and Responsiblity K-5
10/28/2009 Wellness Strive for Five K-5
10/28/2009 Awards/Hall of Fame Xtreme Sportsmanship Hall of Fame K-5
10/28/2009 Beginning of School We All Pull Together K-5
10/28/2009 About the Body Monitoring Your Heart Rate 3-5
10/28/2009 Motivation PE DJ 3-5
10/28/2009 Fitness Summertime Fitness 5-8
10/28/2009 Sports Play It, Read It, Know It K-2
10/28/2009 Fitness Change is Good! K-12
10/23/2009 Lining Up Ticket out the Door K-5
10/23/2009 Fitness Staying Fit while Having Fun in the Sun 3-5
10/23/2009 About the Body How do you Move it, Move it? 3-5
10/22/2009 Physical Activities No Child Left Inside 3-5
10/21/2009 Lining Up Lining Up Questions K-5
10/21/2009 Health Be a Germ Stopper 1-5
10/21/2009 Health Better Things to do Than Drugs 3-5
10/21/2009 Sports Flag Football 9-12
10/21/2009 Cooperation Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork 3-12
10/21/2009 Beginning of School What's New in Physical Education This Year 9-12
10/21/2009 Gymnastics Stick the Landing! 3-5
10/21/2009 Motivation Keeping a Positive Self-Esteem 6-8
10/21/2009 Sport Skills It's time for soccer K-2
10/21/2009 Health Heart Smart K-5
10/21/2009 Gymnastics Watch us show our ABC's K-2
10/21/2009 Character Education How are you a good teammate? 3-5
10/16/2009 Health Germ Free K-2
10/16/2009 Integration Literacy in PE K-2
10/16/2009 Cooperation Teamwork Works! 3-12
10/16/2009 Nutrition Break-the-fast K-2
10/16/2009 Afterschool Girls on the Run! 3-5
10/15/2009 Health As Temperatures Rise Stay Sunwise! K-2
10/14/2009 Pedometers Pedometer Step Point Board 3-5
10/12/2009 Rules Under Instruction 3-5
10/8/2009 Sportsmanship GET "CAUGHT" BEING A GOOD SPORT K-6
10/8/2009 Parents We Miss Our Heros K-2
10/8/2009 Physical Education Road to a Healthy Heart K-2
10/8/2009 Motivation Being Active Is Being Healthy K-6
10/8/2009 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Fall for Fitness 6-8
10/8/2009 Physical Education Energize with EXERCISE! K-5
10/8/2009 About the Body Pump Up Your Heart IQ 3-5
10/8/2009 Bicycle Safety Brains About Bikes 6-8
10/8/2009 Beginning of School Gonna Have A Ball K-5
10/8/2009 Fitness The Do's and Don'ts of Fitness 6-8
9/29/2009 Character Education Rainbow of Friends K-2
9/29/2009 Health Be Sun Safe K-5
9/29/2009 Beginning of School Step Up to the Challenge 3-5
9/29/2009 Physical Activities How can you be active? K-2
9/29/2009 Fitness Healthy Heart K-2
9/29/2009 Wellness Got Milk? K-5
9/29/2009 Skill Themes Skill Theme Ladder K-2
9/29/2009 Gymnastics Let's Roll K-2
9/29/2009 Movement Vocabulary How Do We Move? K-2
9/29/2009 Fitness Components of Fitness 3-5
9/29/2009 Physical Education Fishing for Ideas in Physical Education K-2
9/24/2009 Skill Themes Experience the Gift of PE 3-5
9/24/2009 Fitness Live the Champion Life 3-5
9/24/2009 Physical Education Laugh, Giggle, and Smile all the way to Fitness! K-2
9/24/2009 Health You Will Lose If You Gamble With Drugs 9-12
9/24/2009 Skill Themes Hop Hop Jump into Physical Education K-2
9/24/2009 Physical Education Physical Education is FUN! K-2
9/24/2009 Health Health Corner 4-12
9/24/2009 Goal Setting Set Your Goals High 3-5
9/24/2009 Rules Jump Into PE With Style by Following the Rules K-2
9/24/2009 Warm Ups All Stars Stretching Leaders 3-9
9/24/2009 Warm Ups Stretching Through Languages K-8
9/21/2009 Physical Education What Physcial Education is to Me? 9-12
9/21/2009 Skill Themes Chase After Fitness K-2
9/21/2009 Health Slam Dunk for Health K-5
9/21/2009 Rules Learning Center Board (Rules) 3-8
9/18/2009 Fitness How do YOU stay healthy & fit? 3-6
9/18/2009 Nutrition How Much Sugar Are You Drinking? 6-8
9/16/2009 Physical Education What we learn in Physical Education 3-5
9/16/2009 Physical Activities Physical Activity and Good Character 3-5
9/16/2009 Word of the Week Swimming Word Wall 3-5
9/16/2009 Behavior Incentives FISH Philosophy 3-9
9/16/2009 Health Good Health Is In The Stars 9-12
9/16/2009 Fitness Assessments Fitness Testing: What Muscle Are You Working? 3-6
9/15/2009 Health Healthy Heart 3-8
9/15/2009 Behavior Incentives Golden Sneaker award 3-5
9/15/2009 Fitness 7 days without EXERCISE ... 3-5
9/14/2009 Adventure Education Welcome to Survivor 1-6
9/14/2009 Beginning of School Our Goals for the Year 3-5
9/14/2009 Beginning of School What Treasure Will You Find in PE? K-2
9/14/2009 Lining Up What's The Catch of the Day 3-5
9/13/2009 Movement Vocabulary "Wild About P.E. Words" 3-5
9/13/2009 Beginning of School Train-ing in PE 3-5
9/13/2009 Beginning of School A Recipe for a Successful Year K-8
9/13/2009 Health Get Caught In A Healthy Web 3-8
9/13/2009 Fitness Don't Sit...Get Fit! 6-12
9/13/2009 Dance Take A Chance, Join the Dance! 6-8
9/11/2009 Fitness Are You Stronger Than A Fifth Grader? 3-5
9/6/2009 Beginning of School Look What's Popping in P.E. K-5
9/4/2009 Health Are You a Picture of Health 3-5
9/4/2009 Motivation Work Hard, Get Fit 3-5
9/4/2009 Motivation Hoop Hoop Hooray K-5
9/3/2009 Safety Don't Monkey Around, Let's Play Safe All
9/3/2009 Beginning of School Back To School Apple All
9/3/2009 Wellness Teen Stress 9-12
9/3/2009 Health Flu Season 9-12
9/3/2009 Beginning of School How Were You Active This Summer? All
9/3/2009 Beginning of School SPORT- Get off on the right foot All
8/29/2009 Movement Vocabulary PE Is the Apple of Our Eye 3-5
8/26/2009 Beginning of School Hiking Towards a New Year in P.E. K-5
8/26/2009 Beginning of School Adventures In P.E. 3-5
8/26/2009 Beginning of School 2009-2010 PE Toolbox K-2
8/26/2009 Physical Activities Fire Up 4 Fitness K-5
8/24/2009 Fundraisers Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Board All
8/24/2009 Health Health Stars 3-5
8/22/2009 Sportsmanship Working Together to Make the Goal All
8/22/2009 Skill Themes Basic Skills in PE 3-8
8/22/2009 Fitness Stay Healthy...Exercise & Pray All
8/17/2009 Working Together Don't start conflict. Be a TEAM player! 3-5
8/16/2009 Field Day South Grove Survivor 2009 3-5
8/16/2009 Health Step Into The Future 3-5
8/16/2009 Beginning of School Go For the Gold 3-5
8/13/2009 Fitness Weight Training & Fitness 9-12
8/13/2009 Sports Kickin' It Soccer Style 3-5
8/13/2009 Fundraisers South Grove's Lifesavers 3-5
7/31/2009 Behavior Incentives Star Classes of the Week 3-5
7/31/2009 Beginning of School This Year's Feature: Your Health 3-5
6/22/2009 Running/Walking Clubs Running Club K-5
6/5/2009 Dance Dance Your Way To A Healthy Heart 6-8
5/29/2009 Nutrition Wild About Nutrition K-2
5/29/2009 Fitness Did You Get 60 Today? K-6
5/23/2009 Behavior Incentives All Star PE Classes K-5
5/23/2009 End of School Year Have a Ball this Summer K-5
5/23/2009 Self Defense Self Defense 6-8
5/21/2009 Fitness Are you Fit For Life? 6-8
5/14/2009 Sports Most Wanted 6-8
5/14/2009 Water Safety Be Water Safe All
5/14/2009 Fitness Committ to Get Fit 3-5
5/10/2009 Nutrition H is for Healthy Habits PRE-K
5/10/2009 Field Day Catch the Wave to Field Day K-5
5/5/2009 Field Day Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Field Day Made a Big Boom! K-5
5/2/2009 Sport Skills Play SoftBall! 6-8
5/2/2009 Working Together Teamwork Gets the Job Done 3-8
4/29/2009 Physical Education Anyway You Stack It 2-5
4/28/2009 Physical Education Hitting A Home Run With P.E. 6-8
4/27/2009 Health American Heart Month 3-5
4/27/2009 Physical Education Major Muscle Mania K-5
4/27/2009 Fitness All-Star Fitness Fans K-12
4/24/2009 Warm Ups BINGO Exercise 3-5
4/24/2009 Fitness "Being fit is easy!" 3-5
4/24/2009 Safety Be SunSmart K-5
4/24/2009 Wellness Handwashing K-5
4/22/2009 Physical Activities SPRING Into Activities 3-5
4/21/2009 Sports How do you score? 3-5
4/21/2009 Fitness Jog Across the USA 3-5
4/21/2009 Sportsmanship Good Sports Always 3-5
4/21/2009 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) It is an Egg-cellent time to Spring into Sports 3-5
4/21/2009 Bullying Bully Free Zone K-2
4/21/2009 Movement Vocabulary Have A Ball With P.E. Words K-5
4/21/2009 Field Day WOW! Field Day is on the way... All
4/5/2009 Physical Activities Play 60 3-5
3/31/2009 Fitness Get out, Get active, Get Fit! K-5
3/31/2009 Adventure Education Reaching New Heights in Physical Education 6-8
3/31/2009 Motivation Be Active 3-5
3/27/2009 Health What Are You Actually Smoking? 9-12
3/27/2009 Health Don't Trust Your Luck-Make Healthy Choices 9-12
3/27/2009 Health Hop into Spring- Do Healthy Things K-2
3/27/2009 Special Events Spring into Health Wellness Night K-5
3/25/2009 Physical Education Flying High with Physical Education K-5
3/25/2009 Character Education Four Corners of Success All
3/23/2009 Awards/Hall of Fame Jump for the Stars K-2
3/23/2009 Special Events Read Across America: Dr. Seuss K-5
3/18/2009 Health 1,000 People Quit Smoking Each Day...By Dying 9-12
3/18/2009 Health Practice Good Hygiene 3-5
3/18/2009 Sportsmanship Winners Never Quit K-2
3/18/2009 Health Did You Know? 3-5
3/9/2009 Physical Education Can't Wait K-2
3/9/2009 Girls and Women in Sports A Female Athlete Is... 6-8
3/9/2009 Pedometers The places you'll go 3-8
3/6/2009 Physical Education Physical Education Is Loads Of Fun 3-5
3/6/2009 Fundraisers Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser 3-5
3/6/2009 Nutrition Eat This, Not That K-8
3/3/2009 Character Education PE Books Are Fun To Read 3-5
3/3/2009 Fitness FITT Formula Bulletin Board 9-12
3/3/2009 Special Events Thank you Hillsdale Jump Rope for Heart K-5
3/3/2009 Physical Education Educating our Bodies to Move Correctly 3-5
3/3/2009 Physical Education Shooting Basketball Hoops 3-5
3/3/2009 Physical Education Hockey Slapshot Into Winter 3-5
3/3/2009 Student Work Do Amazing Things 3-5
3/3/2009 Physical Activities Lifelong Activities 6-8
2/25/2009 Special Events Hearts of Honor 3-5
2/25/2009 Physical Education Bowling, Blongo, and Shuffleboard 3-5
2/25/2009 Fitness Triple A's (Arms, Abdominals, Aerobics) 4-5
2/25/2009 Fitness Assessments Presidential Turkey Trainers 3-5
2/23/2009 Health Show Love To Your Heart 3-5
2/23/2009 Wellness Pot of Gold 3-5
2/23/2009 Sports Basketball History Quiz 3-5
2/22/2009 Beginning of School Where the WILD THINGS come to EXERCISE 2-5
2/22/2009 Physical Activities Be Wise and Exercise 2-5
2/22/2009 Special Events Jump Rope For Heart Board 3-5
2/22/2009 Beginning of School Look What's POPPING Up In PE This Year 2-5
2/13/2009 Health Heart Facts (Heart Adventure Unit) 3-8
2/13/2009 Outdoor Sports Snowshoeing 9-12
2/13/2009 Character Education No Name Calling Week K-8
2/13/2009 Movement Vocabulary Movement Vocabulary K-5
2/11/2009 About the Body My Amazing Body 4-5
2/11/2009 Character Education Got Character? 3-5
2/10/2009 Special Events 101 Sneakers K-5
2/10/2009 Working Together We Are All ISLANDERS! 3-5
2/10/2009 Health Physical Activity and Health Go Hand and Hand 3-5
2/10/2009 Fitness Get Out, Get Active 3-5
2/10/2009 Special Events Jump-Start a Healthy Heart! 2-5
2/10/2009 Behavior Incentives Behavior in Class Incentive: Pool Party 3-5
2/8/2009 Nutrition Labels For Life 3-5
2/8/2009 Special Events American Heart Month 9-12
2/8/2009 Bullying Buzzing Out Bullies 6-8
2/5/2009 Physical Education Warm Up with Quality PE K-2
2/4/2009 Fitness Will You Get 60 Today? 3-5
2/4/2009 Beginning of School Shoot for the Stars K-5
2/4/2009 End of School Year Have an Active Summer K-5
2/4/2009 Cooperation Teamwork Can Make Dreams Come True!!!! 3-5
2/2/2009 Character Education You Are Unique 3-5
2/2/2009 Health Winter Wellness 3-5
2/2/2009 Health Muscle Memory 3-5
2/2/2009 Integration Math in PE - Symmetry 3-5
1/31/2009 Physical Activities Jump Rope Challenges 3-8
1/28/2009 Juggling Fun With PE 3-5
1/25/2009 Special Events Jump Rope for Heart K-5
1/25/2009 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Gingerbreadman Run Run K-3
1/25/2009 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Quack Up! K-4
1/25/2009 Water Safety Pool Rules, Consequences, and Rewards All
1/22/2009 Sport Seasons Winter Activities 9-12
1/22/2009 Health 1,2,3 Heart Healthy Is The Way For Me! 1-5
1/22/2009 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) We're Having A Ball This Fall in PE K-8
1/22/2009 Sports March Rolls in on the Half Pipe 3-8
1/18/2009 Fitness Lift Yourself Up! 9-12
1/18/2009 Health Beating A Path To A Healthy Heart 3-5
1/14/2009 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) There's Snow Reason Not To Exercise All
1/14/2009 Sports Basketball Key Words in Pictures 4-6
1/14/2009 Sports Fun Football Facts 6-8
1/14/2009 Leadership Find The Signs To Success 3-5
1/14/2009 Special Events Did You Stack Up? 3-5
1/14/2009 Health Learn First Aid, Save A Life 9-12
1/14/2009 Fitness Jumping To Keep Our Hearts Pumping 3-5
1/14/2009 Character Education Choose Friends By Their Character 3-5
1/14/2009 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Winter Wonderland..Get Out and Play All
1/14/2009 Safety Cold Weather Safety 3-5
1/5/2009 Nutrition All Aboard the Energy Express 3-5
1/5/2009 Motivation I Can't-Yes, I Can K-2
1/5/2009 Word of the Week Gym Word Of The Week K-2
12/21/2008 Motivation Warm-up For Physical Education 3-5
12/21/2008 Dental Care Attack of the Plaque! Run for the Floss! 3-5
12/14/2008 Physical Activities How Are You Active All
12/14/2008 Running/Walking Clubs Running Club 3-5
12/9/2008 Bullying Bullying, have you SCENE it? 6-8
12/7/2008 Skill Themes We Are Thankful for PE! All
12/7/2008 Sports Chill Out and Play 2-5
12/7/2008 Sports Football 6-8
12/3/2008 Integration Math in PE - Fractions 3-5
12/3/2008 Physical Education 8 Sneaky Ways Workouts improve your health 6-8
12/3/2008 Dance Dancing with the Stars 3-5
12/3/2008 Fitness How Do You See Yourself Exercising? 3-5
12/1/2008 Nutrition Treat Yourself To Good Nutrition 5-8
12/1/2008 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) PE is Snow Much Fun K-2
11/25/2008 Skill Themes Having a Ball with Volleyball 3-5
11/25/2008 Fitness National FITNESS Month 3-5
11/20/2008 Nutrition Bodies Under Construction 3-5
11/20/2008 Fitness Snowy Day Fitness All
11/12/2008 Special Events Walk to School 3-5
11/12/2008 Fitness Mileage Club 3-5
11/12/2008 Fitness Mileage Club Motivation All
11/10/2008 Physical Activities "We Like to Mooove It!" All
11/6/2008 Safety Happy Trails K-5
11/5/2008 Behavior Incentives All-Star Class 3-5
11/3/2008 Nutrition "If You Give a Cat a Cupcake" All
11/3/2008 Health Stay Healthy, Be Clean 3-5
11/3/2008 Physical Education What is PE? All
10/30/2008 Nutrition Feed Me What I Need K-2
10/30/2008 Behavior Incentives Fishbowl Behavior Incentive 6-8
10/30/2008 Nutrition Make a Healthy Choice 3-5
10/30/2008 Health 5 Keys to a Healthy Body 3-5
10/30/2008 Pedometers Third Grade Race Across Nebraska 3-5
10/30/2008 Student Behavior Color Of Emotions 6-8
10/30/2008 Bicycle Safety 4 Keys of Bicycle Safety 3-5
10/30/2008 About the Body Make No Bones About It, Exercise Makes You Strong K-5
10/28/2008 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Falling Into Fitness 3-5
10/27/2008 Skill Themes Balance is ... 3-5
10/27/2008 Skill Themes Locomotor Movement Cues K-2
10/27/2008 Bullying Bully Board 6-8
10/23/2008 Motivation Hands Up For Fall 3-5
10/20/2008 Sports How well do you know the Philadelphia Phillies? 4-8
10/15/2008 Health Funny Bone 3-5
10/15/2008 Lining Up Ready To Move Foward 3-5
10/12/2008 Fitness Assessments The President's Challenge K-2
10/12/2008 Safety Fire Safety: Stop, Drop and Roll K-2
10/12/2008 Sports Soccer 3-5
10/12/2008 Field Day Field Day Flashback All
10/11/2008 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Winter Fun K-2
10/11/2008 Beginning of School Welcome Back All
10/11/2008 Olympics 2008 Bejing Olympics 3-5
10/11/2008 Physical Education PE Information: Sneakers, Word Wall and Oops K-5
10/6/2008 Physical Activities Exercise like the animals K-2
10/1/2008 Health 5 Steps to Being Healthy K-2
9/26/2008 Fitness Color Your World With Fitness 3-5
9/26/2008 Motivation Spectrum Allstars CommitTo Be Fit! All
9/24/2008 Behavior Incentives How to "Bee" in PE K-5
9/23/2008 Integration Math in PE - Perimeter K-2
9/23/2008 Sportsmanship Be a TEAM player 3-5
9/23/2008 Integration Summer Fun and Literacy K-2
9/22/2008 Special Events Homecoming 3-5
9/22/2008 Sports Flag Football-Rules and Skills All
9/22/2008 Beginning of School Look whats popping up in PE K-5
9/17/2008 Olympics Characteristics of a Winner 3-5
9/17/2008 Behavior Incentives Levels of behavior K-2
9/17/2008 Lining Up Fast Facts 3-5
9/17/2008 Character Education Character traits 3-5
9/17/2008 Beginning of School Physical Education Rules 3-5
9/17/2008 Skill Themes Creeping in the Creek - Traveling K-2
9/17/2008 Integration Active and Fit Around the World All
9/14/2008 Beginning of School Kickoff the School Year All
9/14/2008 Beginning of School Be a Star in PE All
9/14/2008 Fitness Exercise the Heart All
9/14/2008 Beginning of School National Standards All
9/14/2008 Olympics Graphing the Olympics All
9/14/2008 Olympics A Gold Medal Team! All
9/8/2008 Character Education What's inside you? 6-8
9/8/2008 Nutrition The Food Pyramid 3-5
9/4/2008 Bullying Bully or Buddy? 3-5
9/3/2008 Olympics Be The Best You Can Be All
9/3/2008 Health Lets Talk Turkey 6-8
9/3/2008 Behavior Incentives Free Choice Day 3-5
9/3/2008 Health How Are You Feeling Today? 6-8
9/3/2008 Health To Smoke Or Not To Smoke 6-8
9/3/2008 Physical Education If It Weren't For P.E. I'd Quack Up 3-8
9/3/2008 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Fall 6-8
9/3/2008 Equality Crayons Come In All Colors 6-8
9/3/2008 Olympics 2008 Summer Olympics K-2
9/3/2008 Health Health & Wellness 6-8
9/3/2008 Pedometers How far have you walked?? 3-5
8/28/2008 Beginning of School Let's Kick Off A Great New Year All
8/28/2008 Health Brushing Teeth All
8/28/2008 Field Day Take a Break! All
8/28/2008 Olympics Olympic Power All
8/28/2008 Olympics Outstanding Olympians All
8/28/2008 Sports Team Sports 3-5
8/28/2008 Physical Education Physical Education K-2
8/26/2008 Behavior Incentives Boiling Point 3-5
8/25/2008 Olympics 2008 Bejing Olympics All
8/25/2008 Olympics Summer Olympics 2008 All
8/25/2008 Olympics Olympics/School Theme 3-5
8/25/2008 Olympics 2008 Olympics K-12
8/25/2008 Olympics Beijing 2008 Olympics All
8/25/2008 Olympics 2008 Olympics All
8/20/2008 Field Day Summer Olympics K-5
8/20/2008 Beginning of School We're Going to be Lean and Green This Year! K-2
8/15/2008 Fitness Exercise Daily...Walk With God All
8/6/2008 Motivation This Week in P.E. All
8/5/2008 Motivation Mileage Club 3-5
8/5/2008 Skill Themes Word Work-Out / What You'll Know 3-5
8/5/2008 Juggling Anyone Can Juggle! 3-9
7/21/2008 About the Body Muscle for the Month All
7/21/2008 Field Day Olympics K-5
6/30/2008 Health Muscle of the Month All
6/30/2008 Water Safety Water Safety Tips All
6/3/2008 Other STOP, Drop & Roll K-2
6/2/2008 Special Events Rockin & Rollin into Fitness K-5
6/1/2008 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Summer Fun K-2
5/28/2008 Health Don't Be A Grub...Learn To Scrub!!! 3-5
5/28/2008 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Spring into a Healthy Summer 9-12
5/28/2008 About the Body The Amazing Heart 3-5
5/28/2008 Fitness BEE Your Own Witness With Lifelong Fitness 3-5
5/28/2008 Physical Activities Springing Into Action K-5
5/26/2008 Field Day Bee Ready For Field Day 3-5
5/15/2008 Sport Seasons Swing Into Spring All
5/15/2008 Integration XLR8 Your Brain Power All
5/15/2008 Dance Dancing in the New Year K-2
5/15/2008 About the Body Hey Hornets, Flex Your Muscles! 3-5
5/15/2008 Class Management Sneaker Stop K-2
5/15/2008 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) SPRING INTO SPORTS All
5/15/2008 Fitness We're "training" to be our best K-6
5/15/2008 Class Management We Remembered Our Sneakers K-6
4/21/2008 Sports Sideline Basketball "Intramural Program" 4-6
4/15/2008 Sports Bowling 6-8
4/13/2008 Bullying The three "P's" of Bully Prevention All
4/13/2008 Fitness Health and Fitness Trivia Time 3-5
4/13/2008 Special Events Jump Rope for Heart 3-5
4/13/2008 Field Day Hooray for Field Day! K-2
4/13/2008 Special Events Jump Rope For Heart All
3/29/2008 Heart Rate Monitors Elevate your heart rate in 2008 All
3/29/2008 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Spring into PE All
3/29/2008 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Heart Power All
3/29/2008 About the Body Healthy Hearts All
3/29/2008 Health Junk Food Junkie All
3/24/2008 Special Events JRFH Thank You All
3/23/2008 Nutrition Have you "herd"? Drink Milk for Fitness All
3/23/2008 Physical Education "We B at Play" All
3/23/2008 About the Body Bones To Know From Head To Toe 3-5
3/23/2008 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) There's Snow Place Like Physical Education Cl 6-8
3/23/2008 Girls and Women in Sports Women's History Month All
3/23/2008 Beginning of School Who is [teacher's name]? All
3/23/2008 Health The Path to Wellness 3-5
3/23/2008 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Winter Fitness All
3/23/2008 About the Body Heart Adventure 3-5
3/23/2008 Physical Activities Nothing To Do? Guess Again! All
3/23/2008 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Be Limber in September 9-12
3/23/2008 Health Get On Target With Physical Education 3-5
3/23/2008 Physical Education JUGGLE P.E. INTO YOUR LIFE 2-3
3/23/2008 Sport Skills Sports Search 3-5
3/23/2008 Physical Education Look and See...PE K-2
3/23/2008 Special Events Jump Rope for Heart 3-5
3/23/2008 Special Events Jump Rope for Heart 9-12
3/23/2008 Special Events Jump Rope for Heart 2008 All
3/23/2008 Health Skeleton K-2
3/23/2008 Motivation Get Your Body Moovin'! K-2
3/23/2008 Special Events Jump Rope For Heart All
3/23/2008 Sport Skills Basketball 3-5
3/23/2008 Fitness Keys to a Healthy Heart All
3/23/2008 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) SPRING Into Exercise All
3/23/2008 Nutrition An Unhealthy Body is a Scary Thing 6-8
3/23/2008 Beginning of School Crossword Puzzle K-2
3/23/2008 Pedometers Pedometer 3-5
3/17/2008 Sports Floor Hockey All
3/17/2008 Health Which Heart Will You Choose? All
3/8/2008 Integration EXERCISE IS MAGIC All
2/12/2008 Fitness Components of Fitness 6-8
2/10/2008 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Falling Into Fitness All
2/10/2008 Physical Activities Drug Free Tree 3-5
2/10/2008 Special Events Do Your Part, Save A Heart K-6
2/10/2008 Dance Dancing With the Stars 3-5
2/10/2008 Integration A,B,C's of Fitness 3-5
2/10/2008 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Snow Time 3-5
2/2/2008 Fitness Assessments Fitnessgram 3-5
2/2/2008 Physical Education PE is for ME K-2
1/5/2008 Other Setting Goals 6-8
1/5/2008 About the Body PE Give It Your Whole Heart 3-5
1/5/2008 Health Driving Under the Influence 9-12
1/5/2008 Integration Treasured PE Words All
1/5/2008 Pedometers Steps To A Healthier You (Using Pedometers) 3-5
1/5/2008 Physical Activities Benefits of Exercise 2-6
12/5/2007 Motivation Choice Day Board 1-5
12/5/2007 Sportsmanship Be A Good Sport 3-5
12/5/2007 Cooperation T.E.A.M. All
12/5/2007 Fitness Fall! The Season of Fitness 3-5
12/5/2007 Integration Welcome to Bobcat's Play Zone K-2
12/5/2007 Motivation Going For Gold 3-5
12/5/2007 Fitness Health and Fitness-Related Fitness 4-5
12/2/2007 Health Don't Let Your Goals Go Up in Smoke 6-8
12/2/2007 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Snow Plow into a Healthy Lifestyle 6-8
12/2/2007 Motivation Mighty Mustangs Activity Incentives 3-9
12/2/2007 Student Behavior P.E. All-Stars 2-5
12/2/2007 Sport Skills Football Cues 4-8
12/2/2007 About the Body Muscle of the Month 3-5
12/2/2007 Lining Up Brain Squiggles 3-5
12/2/2007 Sport Seasons Basketball is Funtastic 6-8
12/2/2007 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Thanksgiving Nutrition 6-8
12/2/2007 Nutrition It's Time for a Healthier You 3-5
12/2/2007 Nutrition Don't be a turkey! All
11/21/2007 Health AIDS Quilt 4-12
11/21/2007 Health Bee Heart Healthy 3-5
11/20/2007 Sports Saluting African Americans in Sports 3-5
11/20/2007 Sport Seasons Fall for a Cool Sport 3-5
11/20/2007 Beginning of School Standards All
11/20/2007 Special Events Say Boo! to Drugs 3-12
11/20/2007 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Falling for Autumn Fun 3-5
11/20/2007 Beginning of School P.E. Superstar 3-5
11/20/2007 Physical Education P.E. 3-12
11/20/2007 Health Healthy Body Balance K-2
11/20/2007 Other Know Your Bones 2-5
11/20/2007 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Fall PE Scramble 3-5
11/20/2007 Beginning of School Hands In For A Good Time In Gym K-6
11/20/2007 Nutrition Food Groups K-2
11/20/2007 Physical Education Wellness Wheel 6-8
11/20/2007 Class Management PE Calendar: What are we doing in PE today? All
11/20/2007 Other Express Your... iMessages 6-8
11/20/2007 Physical Education Mustangs March Across America All
11/20/2007 Nutrition Turkey Talk All
11/20/2007 Beginning of School We're Popping up Healthy Habits in PE All
11/20/2007 Student Work Ball of Fun All
11/20/2007 Physical Education Sneakers! Don't leave home without them! K-6
11/20/2007 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Fall into Fitness All
11/20/2007 Student Work Game Time 6-8
11/20/2007 Motivation Lift Someone Up 3-12
11/20/2007 Sports I Spy a Sport 3-12
11/20/2007 Integration P.E. is "Straw-Some" 2-5
11/20/2007 Sports Volleyball Turkey 3-8
11/20/2007 Physical Education How Fit Are You? All
11/20/2007 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Give Thanks for Great Health All
11/20/2007 Fitness Fitness Team 2007 3-5
11/20/2007 Special Events CME Jumps Rope for Heart 3-5
11/20/2007 Fitness Stay Fit 3-5
11/20/2007 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Fall Into Physical Education All
11/12/2007 Fitness The POWER of Physical Fitness All
11/6/2007 Health Powerful Tools All
11/4/2007 Motivation Be Active Stay Active All
11/4/2007 Student Behavior Caught showing good character 3-5
11/4/2007 Physical Education How to Bee in PE K-2
11/4/2007 Physical Education The Activity Pyramid All
11/4/2007 Health Stay Healthy This New Year K-2
11/4/2007 Fitness Get Caught Having Fun in the Gym All
11/4/2007 Fitness Get Off The Couch All
10/23/2007 Physical Education Benefits Of Exercise 3-12
10/23/2007 Fitness R.A.T. (Race Against the Teachers) 3-5
10/23/2007 Physical Education Watch children moving and learning 3-5
10/23/2007 Special Events Don't Be Scared-Jump In! 3-5
10/19/2007 Nutrition Little "D" the 5 Food Group Dragon K-5
10/13/2007 Integration Paging All Sports!! K-2
10/13/2007 Physical Activities Recess Fun 3-5
10/13/2007 Fitness The Great Canadian Trek 4-8
10/13/2007 Physical Education PE Words from Students (for Parent's Night) 3-5
10/13/2007 Girls and Women in Sports A League of Our Own All
10/13/2007 Nutrition Bee Healthy Bee Fit K-2
10/13/2007 Motivation "Get Off It!" All
10/13/2007 Fitness How Fast Did Your Heart Beat Today K-2
10/13/2007 Beginning of School WANTED K-2
10/13/2007 Fitness Spring into Fitness All
10/13/2007 Beginning of School Thumbs Up for P.E.-Physical Education K-2
9/30/2007 Beginning of School Welcome Back K-2
9/30/2007 Skill Themes Stick Figure Movement All
9/30/2007 Physical Activities Grade 3 loves physical activity 3-5
9/30/2007 Skill Themes Have a Ball K-2
9/30/2007 Skill Themes "Honk if you Love PE!" K-2
9/30/2007 Physical Activities Jogging Club 3-5
9/30/2007 Beginning of School Let's Get Started on the Right Foot 2-8
9/30/2007 Physical Education Physical Education: Have A Ball 3-8
9/30/2007 Sportsmanship Sportsmanship Superstars All
9/30/2007 Fitness Fall into Fitness K-2
9/30/2007 Beginning of School The Faces of Phys. Ed. K-2
9/30/2007 Beginning of School Welcome "Snack" to School All
9/30/2007 Beginning of School Kick Off the New Year on the Right Foot 3-5
9/30/2007 Beginning of School Extreme Sportsmanship 3-5
9/30/2007 Beginning of School The PE Giving Tree K-2
9/30/2007 Motivation We're Having a Ball in Physical Education 3-5
9/30/2007 Nutrition 5 a Day The Tasty Way All
9/30/2007 Fitness Got Fitness? All
9/30/2007 Awards/Hall of Fame Who Wore it With Distinction? Best By Numbers All
9/30/2007 Student Behavior What Kind of Person Are You? 6-8
9/30/2007 Girls and Women in Sports What Does A Female Athlete Look Like? All
9/8/2007 Health My Pyramid 3-5
8/30/2007 Health Steps to a Healthier You! (Food Pyramid) 3-5
8/30/2007 Seasons (Fall, Spring, etc.) Spring Into PE K-5
8/28/2007 Bullying Zero Tolerance (Dealing with Bullies) 3-5
8/28/2007 Physical Activities Fun to Be Fit 3-5

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