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People Finder Worksheet (Part II) (Grades 3-5)

Directions: Find someone who matches the description, then have them sign their name on the line. An * means they have to perform the skill.

*1. Find someone who can do a bridge:___________________________

2. Find someone who was not born in this city:__________________

3. Find someone who takes gymnastics lessons:___________________

4. Find someone who rides their bike to school:______________________

*5. Find someone who can do 5 push-ups:__________________________

6. Find someone who went fishing this summer:_____________________

*7. Find someone who can do a cartwheel:__________________________

*8. Find someone who can do 10 perfect jumping jacks:____________________

9. Find someone who walks to school:_____________________________

*10. Find someone who can throw a football spiral:______________________

11. Find someone who is on a swimming team:_______________________

*12. Find someone who can do 10 excellent curl-ups:_____________________

*13. Find someone who can hula hoop for 30 seconds:______________________

*14. Find someone who can demonstrate a basketball layup:_____________________

15. Find someone who took swimming lessons this summer:_____________________

*16. Find someone who can dribble a soccer ball with control:______________________

*17. Find someone who can juggle:__________________________________

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