Brenda Goodwin
Kirsten Hatz
Missouri State Univ
Springfield, MO

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12 days of winter fitness
12 Days of Winter
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And the Beat goes on
And the Beat Goes On
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PE Central's Twelve Days of Fitness Dance CD and DVD

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PE Central is excited to offer this terrific music CD and DVD. Your kids will love moving to this fun and well-known holiday song. Included in the package are 2 CD's and 1 DVD and paper and digital copies of the dance movements for the song. Here is a full listing of what you receive when you purchase this item.

CD #1: Professionally sung and produced "12 Days of Fitness Song" featuring all of the dance moves in the lyrics. Sung by kids. Approximately 7 minutes in length. Put this in your CD player and watch the kids move and have fun.

CD #2: Printable version of the movements that form the dance. You can print and post on a bulletin board or a wall or handout to your kids. Included also is a product handout that you can give to your colleagues to let them know about this product. We have also included a printed version of both of these in the CD/DVD sleeve.

DVD: The purpose of the DVD is to show teachers how the dance looks with a group of 4th graders performing the dance to the music. Included also is a 16 minute lesson of Brenda Goodwin, Kirsten Hatz and the PE Majors at Missouri State Univ. teaching the dance to a group of students in a local public school.

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12 days of winter fitness

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