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Name of Activity:

Jogging Chicken Dance

Purpose of Activity:

Engage students in a light cardiovascular instant activity; active listening for audile cues


Students must have prior knowledge of how to do "The Chicken Dance"

Suggested Grade Level:


Recommended music:

The Chicken Dance (Dance Little Birdie) by the Emeralds (To learn more about this music selection on, click here.)

Beginning dance formation:

Scattered formation around the perimeter of a large gym or play area

Description of Idea

Students spread out around the perimeter of the gym. During the "Chicken Dance" part of the music, the students stop and execute the dance, and during the instrumental part of the music, students jog around the perimeter of the gym. Students have found this to be a motivating way to do the "Chicken Dance" and still get a little cardio challenge. It is also a great way to keep older students interested in the dance without feeling like they are doing a "silly" activity.

NOTE: To see directions for the "Chicken Dance" part, click here.


Students in wheelchairs can do the jogging section by wheeling. Otherwise disabled students can modify the jog to include any modes of locomotion within their capabilities.

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Submitted by Francesca Zavacky who teaches at Clark Elementary School in Charlottesville, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/22/2001.

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