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Name of Activity:

Serves You Right

Purpose of Activity:

Students will review food groups and serving sizes outlined by the food pyramid.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Laminated words of food with different serving sizes on sheets of paper, pencils with erasers, food pyramid handouts with serving sizes, whistle, timer, blank MyPyramid food group coloring sheet

Description of Idea

Set up: Lay the laminated word squares on the floor, spreading out the sheets a foot apart from each other.

Practice: Students will start on the tarp standing on a food square. The teacher will call out a food category and the students will travel to a food within the food group. (5 minutes)

Compete: Students will stand on the edge of the playing area (tarp) with their food pyramid sheet (found at and writing utensil on the floor next to them. On the “Go” signal, the students will walk quickly to a food square. After ten seconds the teacher will blow the whistle and students must freeze in their space. If the student is on the square, they will look at the food square and the serving size. Then they will go back and write down the serving size in the correct food group. Those not on a square will return to their sheets but not record anything on their sheets. Students will try to be the first to reach their serving size goals for each category.


Students will try to complete their food pyramids according to their serving sizes. However, if a student records too much of their serving size, they must perform ten seconds of an exercise (i.e. run in place, jumping jacks, sit ups) to “burn off” one serving of a particular food group.

Place the food squares facedown and when the students flip over a square they must “consume” that food and record it on their sheet. Again, they must perform ten seconds of an exercise to “burn off” any excess servings in a food group.

Assessment Ideas:

Students will complete the MyPyramid food group coloring sheet (found at; placing the correct serving sizes in each food group space. Teacher and students will go over the correct serving sizes for each category.

Teaching Suggestions:

Teachers need to discuss safety in the classroom with students as the students may not have enough space to get to the food squares without pushing/bumping other students.

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Submitted by Douglas Sham in Silver Bay, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/23/2009.

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