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Name of Activity:

Locomotor Skills

Purpose of Activity:

My kindergarten students do not receive a report card. I use this assessment sheet to report their progress on locomotor skills to their parents.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Sheet below. Just copy and paste into a Word document and then make changes based on your situation.

Description of Idea

I send this home at the end of the nine weeks. This really helps us communicate with the parents. If they do not understand the cues below then we encourage them to call or come to the school.


Locomotor Skills Assessment

Student's Name____________________________

Directions: Please review this sheet in order to gain a better understanding of your child’s progress in physical education. For the first nine weeks I have been focusing on locomotor skills and cooperation with peers.

Assessment Rubric
(Use the numbers from the rubric to put in front of the locomotor skills below)

1 - Outstanding: demonstrates all of the critical elements of the skill without cues from the teacher.
2 - Satisfactory: demonstrates the critical elements of the skill with cues from the teacher
3 - Needs Improvement: cannot demonstrate the critical elements of the skill with cues from the teacher

Locomotor Skills:

___Walk-Heels touch ground first, arms move opposite legs
___Run-Balls of feet touches ground first, arms move opposite legs
___Jump- Bend knees, pushes off, lands on balls of feet, uses both feet
___Hop- Bend knees, jumps and lands on ball of foot, uses one foot
___Gallop-Bend knees, one foot always chases the other
___Slide-Sideways direction, steps and draws the back foot to the front
___Skip-Step-hop, alternates feet, arm swing is upward with legs
___Leap-Bend knees, takes off on one foot and lands on the other


___Follows rules
___Plays under control
___Controls temper
___Works with classmates toward a common goal
___Shares equipment

Please sign __________________________________

What suggestions do you have that will help me create the best possible physical education experience for your child?

Teaching Suggestions:

Two-way cummunication is essential for a child's physical development. It is important to include a space where the parents can respond. Their input helps me gain a better understanding of their child's growth and development.

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Submitted by Sara Strickland who teaches at Drayton Hall Elementary in Charleston, SC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/11/2009.

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