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Name of Activity:

Dribblemania Fitness

Purpose of Activity:

To incorporate practicing the skill of dribbling with cardio-respiratory, strengthening, and stretching activities.


Dribbling a basketball under control

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Basketball for each student, lines or cones on floor to designate boundaries

Description of Idea

There are two parts to this activity. The cardio portion and the strength/stretching portion. Each portion lasts for approximately one minute. For example, students first play dribblemania (cardio) for one minute then perform strength/stretching activities for one minute. This is repeated for a total time of 5-8 minutes or your choice.

Students play the game dribblemania. The gym is divided into two sections/courts. Everyone starts on the same side (court one) and begins dribbling. If they step on a boundary line, their ball goes out of bounds, they stop dribbling or place both hands on the ball or if someone else hits their ball out of bounds they are out of court one and must go to court two. If they get out while in court two, they go back to court one. They are never eliminated from playing but just what side they are on. Everyone is constantly switching sides.

On your command (whistle, music stops, etc.) everyone stops dribbling and does one of the following strength/stretching activities while using the basketball if they can.

*Basketball sit-ups: hold the basketball in your hands as you touch it to your knees and then to the floor behind your head.
*Basketball push-ups: Perform push-ups with your hands on the basketball (very difficult) or just support your body in the push-up position with your hands on the ball.
*Total body stretch (arms extended straight up) while holding basketball and hamstring stretch (bending down at waist and touch basketball to floor).
*Ball handling skills (fig. 8, body circles, finger spinning, etc.) could also be incorporated.
*Ask the students to create a new activity or suggest one that involves the basketball.

Play dribblemania for one minute, then do basketball sit-ups for 1 minute, then play dribblemania for 1 minute and then do basketball push-ups, etc. etc.

Using a basketball for the activities makes most of them more difficult. I tell my students they don't have to use the the basketball if it's too difficult but almost everybody wants to at least try it.

Assessment Ideas:

Dribblemania: Watch students to observe whether or not they are keeping the ball close to their bodies, not dribbling too high, and turning their bodies if someone is trying to get their ball.

Strengthening: Watch for correct techniques while performing the exercises

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

For students who use a wheelchair you could have the student bounce the ball twice, then push her chair once, or air dribble twice (using a beach ball) and push the chair once.

For students with limited upper body strength students could perform the following modifications:
* Use a beach ball for ball handling skills.
* Allow the student to perform modified push-ups with hands firmly placed on the ground.

Every child is unique so adaptations will have to be made on an individual basis adjust ball size, weight, type of ball, you deem appropriate.

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Submitted by Dan Pemble who teaches at Miller Valley Elementary School in Prescott, AZ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/28/2008.

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Great actlrie! I'm installing the read and react this year with my JV squad and this stuff is gold! It makes much more sense to implement as you instruct. Hurry up on part 4! Thanks again!

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this article is very helpful for teachers

Dribblemania Fitness