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Name of Activity:

The Bone-a-fyed Rap

Purpose of Activity:

To commit bone names to memory, to provide rhythmic development, and to have some aerobic activity in an enjoyable way.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Music player, instrumental music with beat (percussion works well)

Description of Idea

Procedure: Participants will do the “bone-a-fyed” rap with visual and verbal cues from the leader. Can be done to any beat.

The Bone-a-fyed rap is as follows:

"The bone-a-fyed rap is what were gonna do, the bone-a-fyed rap will help you learn about you.”

Phalanges: “Wiggle your phalanges up in the air, wiggle your whole body, like you just don’t care.”

Vertebrae: “This is what I’m gonna say, the Vertebrae lets you bend this way” “Bend it, Bend it, Bend it, Bend it.”

Patella: “Now with yo’ smella- touch yo’ patella” “patella, patella, I think I can smella.” (Bend over and touch your nose to your knee.)

“Your hands and feet can become a beat, your hands and feet can sound real neat.”

Metacarpals: “Use your metacarpals, and Clap out a beat” “Use those metacarpals to clap out a beat.” (Clap out a rhythmic beat and repeat several times.)

Metatarsals: “Now use your Metatarsals, and Stomp with your feet.” “Use your metatarsals to stomp with your feet.” (Stomp out a rhythmic beat and repeat several times.)

Ulna-Femur: “It’s time to put your Ulna way up high, jumping jacks make you hit your Femur or thigh.” “Ulna-Femur, Ulna-Femur.”

Pelvis: "Now it’s time to be like Elvis. I want you to move yo’ Pelvis." “Be like Elvis and move that pelvis, be like Elvis and move that pelvis.”

Humorous: “Big strong arms make you cool, but your humorous is funny, like a fool.” “Strike a humorous pose like a strong one goes, strike another pose like the strong one goes.” (Assume the “strong man” position.)

Femur: “What’s the bone that helps you stand?” “The femur’s where I put my hand.” “March with me, from side to side. March with me and show some pride.” (March from side to side, slapping the thigh with the opposite hand. Repeat the army like drill.)

Fibula & Tibia: “2 bones make up your lower legs, the Fibula and Tibia look like pegs.” “Now you’re a flapper, doin’ the Char-le-ston, the Fibula and Tibia are what make it fun.” (Do the part of the Charleston like the “butterfly” with opposite hands criss-crossing back and forth.)

“Other parts of your body, can also makes beats, other parts of your body, can sound real neat.”

Sternum: “Your chest can now act like a drum, make a fist and hit your ster-num.” “Sternum-sternum-sternum-sternum.”

Cranium: “Now we're gonna move the beat to your head, hit your cranium to the beat that I’ve said.”

Radius: “With your radius wiggle your thumb, wiggle your thumb, wiggle your thumb. With your radius wiggle your thumb, wiggle your thumb, this is how it’ dun.”

Carpal: “Your carpal is cool it can feel like Jell-o, it can also do more like saying hello.” “Jell-o, Hello, Jell-o, Hello, jell-o, hello.” (Alternate shaking hand profusely, and waving like a princess.)

After first round: “Our bones are what we want to know, lets do it one more time so our thoughts can grow.”

At end: “We did the bone-a-fyed rap to learn your skel-e-ton, we’ve done the bone-afyed rap, and now we're done.“

Assessment Ideas:

Rate students based on outstanding, well done, acceptable, and needs improvement. Skills rated will be: Follows directions and demonstrations, Identification of bones, Ability to perform require motions, Ability to follow beat or rhythm presented, Ability to utilize knowledge of bones.

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Submitted by Amy Carr in Kansas City, MO. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/26/2002.

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This rap is cool because people can learn about this rap this is educational for kids I'm in 6 grade and we need a rap for our topic

shale meyer

hi who ever made this im im fith grade and me and my friend cody need a rap about the bones above only them all of the ones above and i think it is cool we have to sing of rap it to the class and i think we need to barow your words and they would be very helpful if we could use this i need a mesage back but it's your idea and your choise man or woman peace out homey


wow i ahve been finding a rap for bones thanks!


thats a coll rap man!

Lee Morgeson

I have been searching for a cool way to teach my students a way to remember their bones. THANK YOU for posting this! I don't know how I've missed this before now!


Sound like a fun way to learn the parts of the body! Would you recommend "rapping" this out loud? Have you ever taken video of this activity which could be uploaded to Teacher Tube?