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Name of Activity:

Dribbling 500

Purpose of Activity:

To reinforce dribbling/trapping skills in soccer.


Previous practice using the instep while dribbling; previous practice trapping the ball; knowledge about moving clockwise/counterclockwise

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Poly spots (as many as you can get); foam/soccer balls (1 per each student); 4 or more cones; upbeat music.

Description of Idea

Place cones in a large circle (resembling a racetrack) on the gym floor or outside surface, and scatter poly spots around the outside of the cones/circle. (No one is allowed on the inside of the cones/circle.)

On the cue of music, have the students dribble the soccer balls, moving clockwise, around the racetrack. (Start with a speed limit of walking.) When the music stops, each child traps her/his ball on a poly spot. Students continue dribbling to the cue of music.

Note: Periodically change directions so children practice moving in both clockwise and counterclockwise pathways.

Assessment Ideas:

Visual assessment allows you to make sure all students can trap the ball.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Use larger or deflated ball

Students who use wheelchairs (typical upper-body strength): hold the ball on lap and push wheelchair

Students with visual impairments: put bells or beeper in ball; use deflated ball

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Submitted by Lisa Pfeiffer in Richmond, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/16/2002.

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Previous Comments:

Dustin R

This game was great! Our soccer unit was back in October and in all grades the students had to quickly be aware of the areas around them. The Kindergarden classes really focuses on making it around the objects and did things a little slower. However the older classes 3-6 found the activity really challenging as well as engaging because of the debris that was added round after round. Overall a great lesson with tons of adaptions!

Michael Maupin

I used this lesson for K and 1st. It was fun for K to just move with the ball and maneuver through general space without hitting anyone. They had a hard time not using their hands to put the ball on the spot, then step on it to keep it still. All of the my K classes did this regardless of how I explained it. First grade, however, absolutely loved this activity. They did not use their hands at all and moved well with the whole class going at once. We started out walking, moved up to a jog, and up to a run. I really played up the racetrack theme. They did much better than expected. It wasn't until there was running with the ball that they really lost control of their balls. I saved that for the very end. It was kind of expected. They were all panting pretty good and loved every minute of it. Great lesson for this age.


this was a great game!