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Position Information

Position Name/Title: Elementary PE Teacher with concentration in Dance

Grade Level of Opening: 3-5

Application Deadline: ASAP

Job Description & Information:

Elementary PE/Health teacher with a Dance background. Will be teaching dance and health for grades 3-5

Additional Information:

Posting will be removed from PE Central: 6/11/2017 1:11:31 PM

Contact Person

This is the person for all candidates to contact if they need more information about the job.

Name: Dr Samanthaa Anglin, Dr. Samanthaa Anglin,Principal
Phone: 9735094200

Application Information and Details

Where applicant materials should be sent.

Mailing Address:
Hillside school/Montclair
54 orange rd
montclair, NJ 07042

Attn: Principal

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October 2, 2001