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Position Information

Position Name/Title: Pre K through 8th grade PE Teacher

Grade Level of Opening: Pre Kindergarten through 8th

Application Deadline: ASAP

Job Description & Information:

Capitol Hill Day School seeks a full-time physical education teacher. Teaching and learning at Capitol Hill Day School is rooted in a Progressive Education tradition. The School has an experiential approach to physical education, apparent through hands-on classroom activities that stress movement, cooperation, and lifetime fitness activity. Teachers collaborate with each other in developing, planning, and implementing curriculum; school-wide, they create a spirit of camaraderie through their interactions with students, parents, and other members of the staff. Also essential to the Schoolís program is its commitment to diversity, ensuring that students from varying backgrounds, cultures, and learning styles learn from and with each other. Emphasis is placed on building a classroom community that respects the needs and gifts of each individual while teaching children how to become caring, engaged members of the group.

Additional Information:

Requirements: Masterís degree and/or extensive teaching experience; understanding of child development and experience working with a range of needs and abilities; interest in creating curriculum that balances socio-emotional, cognitive, and physical development; experience with Shape America is a plus.

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Contact Person

This is the person for all candidates to contact if they need more information about the job.

Name: Jason Gray, Jason Gray
Phone: 202-547-2244
Fax: 202-543-4597

Application Information and Details

Where applicant materials should be sent.

Mailing Address:
Capitol Hill Day School
210 South Carolina Ave. SE
Washington, DC 

Attn: Head of School

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October 2, 2001