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Welcome to the Cooperative Fitness Challenge from PE Central and S&S Worldwide. This awesome program features 6 challenges that will excite your children about fitness and encourage them to work together! Contact us at fitnesschallenge@pecentral.org. Note: We only ship pins at the end of the program. After you register we will not ship any other materials. Use the web site for scoresheets and all administration of the program.

Register Now! (Registrants get a $10.00 eGift Card from S&S Worldwide)

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Click on any image to see learn more about all 6 challenges.


* 6 Cooperative Fitness Challenge Tasks for 3rd/8th Graders (tested with 4th/5th)
* Registration Dates: September 21 - December 15, 2013; Award Reporting: April 1-31, 2014 (or earlier)
* Return the following May to report scores
* Cost: $25.00 Annually Per Teacher/Administrator/Activity Coordinator/Parent, etc.
* This reserves teacher 15 free pins, $1.00 per pin for additonal pins beyond the free 15 pins
* Awards: Bronze Pin (4/6 tasks completed), Silver Pin (5/6), Gold Pin (6/6)
* More details here...


The annual cost to register is $25.00 per teacher/Administrator/Activity Coordinator/Parent, etc. This reserves you 15 free award pins. If you need over 15 pins then the cost is $1.00 per pin.

Members of some State AHPERD members receive a 50% discount so they only pay $12.50 per year as long as they are member of that State AHPERD. Contact Mark Manross at 540-953-1043 for more details.

You can participate for free as well as all of the materials on the web site are available to everyone. For awards you can download the free certificates. The cost to purchase pins is $1.35 each plus the cost of shipping.

Member Benefits

  • 15 free pins reserved upon sign up
  • For limited time, all registrants get a $10.00 eGift Card from our Sponsor, S&S Worldwide (expect delivery via email in 2-4 weeks, one per registrant)
  • Online ordering system available 24/7
  • Log in UN and PW so you can change your personal information at any time
  • FREE shipping on all pin orders (non members pay shipping)
  • Frequent email communication from Mark Manross, Executive Director, updating you on dates things need to be completed, etc.
  • Cost for additional pins are only $1.00 each (non members pay $1.35 per pin)

Non-member Free Participation

  • Cost for award pins are $1.35 each (members pay only $1.00 per pin)
  • Shipping is charged for all orders
  • No communication emails
  • Participation, gold, silver, and bronze certificates are available to download from site and award kids

Award Pins

The PE Central Cooperative Fitness Challenge pins are four-color, 1" diameter pins featuring the official PE Central Globe Logo imprinted on a gold, silver, or bronze background color. In the middle the text reads Fitness Challenge.

Cooperative Fitness Challenge Gold Pin
Gold Pin
(6 of 6 Tasks Completed)
Cooperative Fitness Challenge Silver Pin
Silver Pin
(5 of 6 Tasks Completed)
Cooperative Fitness Challenge Bronze Pin
Bronze Pin
(4 of 6 Tasks Completed)


State AHPERD Benefits

Click here for more detailed information.

The following State AHPERD members can register at a 50% discount on your CFC membership and shop at S&S Worldwide at a 15% discount!



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