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Basic Locomotor Movement Assessment

DIRECTIONS: Use the following check list to help determine students locomotor abilities. This can be done at a station with a number of students or privately with one student.

Have the student/students do each of the following tasks either at a station or in front of you privately. Use the following rubric to mark the progress next to the locomotor skill listed. Use the comments section to write notes that you may want to share with the students parents or yourself.


DG = Doing Great - uses a mature pattern (or very close to one).
GT = Getting There, however, needs more practice on this skill.
NW = Needs Work. More practice and teaching needed to work towards mature level.

Locomotor Skills Assessment Sheet
Rubric Score/Comments
Things to work on
1. Hop five times.    
2. Jump five times.    
3. Hop on your left foot three times.    
4. Hop on your right foot three times.    
5. Leap.    
6. Run and leap.    
7. Skip until I tell you to stop.    
8. Gallop.    
9. Gallop with your right leg in front.    
10. Gallop with your left leg in front.    
11. Run forward.    
12. Slide.    
13. Slide to the left.    
13. Slide to the right.